Expertise in plastics - Ensinger seminars

Because knowledge is the key to success

Plastics continue to enjoy a global success story. Over recent decades, the world of polymers and the way in which polymers are used have undergone a decisive change. Many developments in plastics technology have made a lasting transformation to the way we live our lives. 

In the field of technical applications too, we are confronted on a daily basis by new challenges. High-performance plastics have now become established in a whole host of technological fields, occupying a prominent place in many seminal areas.

As the demands on the industry grow, so do the variety and complexity of the materials. With continuous further development of its product portfolio, Ensinger makes a decisive contribution towards progress in this field. For over 45 years, the company has offered its customers a carefully balanced selection of top-quality innovative products.

Many of our products can only be used to maximum effect if properly understood and therefore correctly processed. Since 1990 we have offered our customers the opportunity to take part in customer seminars held several times a year. The subject matter covered includes not only an in-depth look at the characteristics and benefits of technical plastics but also application-specific information, legal aspects and case studies taken from practice.

The seminars are generally held at our company headquarters in Nufringen, although it is also possible to arrange specially tailored training events on the premises of individual customers. Our experienced and qualified application advisory team, which is in charge of the seminar program, will be pleased to provide you with more detailed information at any time.


The programme includes beside the industry-specific seminars for the food and medical industries (each once a year) seminars on regulatory and legal requirements, to the topic of machining of plastics as well as a seminar on basics of plastics.


Doris Reinstein