April 10, 2018 / Press Release

Maximum safety coupled with low weight

Ensinger to highlight innovative thermoplastics at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018

The “Aircraft Interiors Expo” in Hamburg is the world’s leading platform for cabin interior products and services (April 10-12, Hamburg Messe). Ensinger will present a wide spectrum of modified thermoplastics, including the new flame retardant materials TECAMID 6 (PA 6) FRT, TECAMID 66 GF15 FRT and TECANYL (PPE) VH2. All these innovative products pass the standards for flammability required for passenger cabin environment. Additionally, smoke emission and toxicity have been tested against international aviation regulations and aircraft manufacturers’ standards.

Generally, replacing metals with plastics can achieve a significant weight reduction. When mechanical properties of high-performance plastics are not required, using cost-effective engineering plastics is a good alternative for the aerospace equipment industry.

Other stock materials from Ensinger have also been tested for flammability: TECAPEEK (PEEK) natural, GF30, CF30 and PVX; TECATRON (PPS) natural, GF40 and PVX, and TECAPEI (PEI) natural or GF30. A wide range of materials covers many applications such as seats, lighting, overhead storage, galleys or cockpit equipment. These flammability tests were performed as per FAR 25.853 standard.

Major aircraft manufacturers and tier 1 OEM suppliers already use a growing number of validated engineering and high-performance plastics, for example TECAFORM (POM) AH and AD; TECAMID 66 natural, GF30, GF35; TECAPEEK (PEEK natural, GF30, CF30) or TECASINT (PI). Ensinger products for aerospace applications are “ready for use”, with all the required information that is essential for the customer to select the right material for a specific application.

As a global processor of high-performance thermoplastics, Ensinger will be presenting five divisions involved in aerospace business at the Aircraft Interiors Expo: Shapes, Machining, Industrial Profiles, Thermoplastic Composites and Additive Manufacturing. With the support of its Compound division, Ensinger is also capable of formulating materials for specific customer requirements. In Hamburg, the company group will be represented by sales engineers from Germany, France, UK and USA.

With a wide range of stock shapes, two machine shops certified AS/EN 9100 and validated by AIRBUS for the machining of plastic parts, a tailor-made solution with an industrial profile division, completed by an innovative offer of thermoplastic composites and additive manufacturing, indeed, Ensinger is a global player in the aerospace industry.

About Ensinger

The Ensinger group is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of compounds, semi-finished materials, profiles and technical parts made of engineering and high performance plastics through extrusion, machining and injection moulding. With a total of 2,400 employees at 33 locations, the family-owned enterprise is represented worldwide in all major industrial regions with manufacturing facilities or sales offices.

At the “Aircraft Interiors Expo” in Hamburg, Ensinger will present a wide spectrum of modified thermoplastics, including innovative flame retardant materials. Source: Ensinger.

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