Case studies in mechanical engineering

At Ensinger, we have worked on many different and diverse projects with a wide range of materials in the mechanical engineering industry. Read about some of the projects we have completed here.
Robotic grippe made of composite PC CW50

Robot head: gripper

made of TECATEC PC CW50 black composite plates

Robotic gripper for a handling device

Advanced automation often requires customised solutions, in particular for the heads of the robots. Typical applications are automated solutions for handling devices and respectively their components such as the grippers.
thread in part for robot arm made of TECAPEEK natural

Composite Robotic Arm

insert made of TECAPEEK natural

Metal replacement with TECAPEEK natural inside a carbon fiber composite robotic arm

In high speed moving components, saving weight is crucial to reducing inertia and improving efficiency. In this case study, a composite robotic arm used for high-speed picking and handling Delta Robots was enhanced by replacing a metal insert with TECAPEEK natural high performance thermoplastic material.
stress reduction block made of TECARIM 1500 yellow

Spring relief blocks for heavy tools

made from TECARIM 1500 yellow

More security with spring relief blocks made from TECARIM 1500 yellow

For spring assemblies in heavy tools relief must be provided when the tools are out of use. If the relief elements are accidentally not removed before the tools are taken into operation, the relief blocks made of TECARIM do not break or burst but deform. Thus they offer security for people and tools.