Powerful wind energy with high-performance plastics

Wind turbines are one of the central pillars of sustainable energy sources: Almost 25% of renewable energy in Germany is currently generated by wind turbines. Numerous sophisticated processes interact within the wind turbine to ultimately generate energy from wind. Many of these processes would not be possible without plastics, as their advantages in terms of chemical, thermal and mechanical properties play a key role in the construction, functionality and operation of the machines.

However, the industry faces major challenges in this regard. The plants must perform well, reliably and efficiently under high loads. In addition, the high sustainability goals for the energy sector, the ever-growing demand for sustainable electricity and limited available building space require innovative solutions and continuous optimization of existing processes.

We support you in solving these challenges with over 50 years of experience in the field of thermoplastics and our comprehensive portfolio of materials, semi-finished products and customized solutions for high-performance, low-maintenance and efficient wind turbines that take you a decisive step further. 

One-stop shop solution for efficient and powerful wind turbines

Whether onshore, offshore, large or small wind turbines, the areas of application and possibilities for thermoplastic high-performance plastics are diverse. Thermoplastics are less susceptible to corrosion, much lighter than materials made of aluminum, metal or copper, and can also be recycled. Their advantages include:
  • Resistance to aggressive substances
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • High temperature resistance
  • Significantly lower weight than metals or aluminum

Continuous fiber reinforced plastic solutions for heavy-duty wind turbines

Whether it be high mechanical stress, harsh environments, or extreme temperature fluctuations, wherever the physical stresses are greatest, heavy-duty materials are in demand. At Ensinger, we therefore also offer fiber-reinforced materials - composites and continuous fiber-reinforced profiles. 

From structural components to frames, covers, connection elements, rotor blades and many more, glass-fiber and carbon-fiber reinforced plastics are suitable for numerous applications in wind turbines. The smart materials score points for their low weight, and are in no way inferior to metals in terms of mechanical properties. They are reliable, efficient and safe to operate, even under high loads. We will be happy to advise you personally and individually on your project.

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