Machining for mechanical engineering

Machined parts for mechanical engineering must meet a wide variety of requirements (such as temperature resistance, sliding optimisation, impact strength, etc.). Therefore, a variety of plastics are used, which often exhibit very different machining behaviour due to their different material properties. In addition, complex turned and milled parts made of unreinforced and also reinforced material types can pose major challenges for machine and plant engineering. Ensinger Machined Parts has been active in the field of machining machine parts for decades, has a wide range of knowledge and is therefore the perfect partner for your application! 

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Materials for mechanical engineering

Thanks to Ensinger's broad value chain, material-saving injection-molded blanks and individual extruded profiles are also available as blanks in addition to classic sheets, round rods and tubes.  

Our employees will be happy to advise you on this in order to find the perfect combination for your application. 
You will find a wide selection of semi-finished products in the material selector.

Applications examples

In addition to machining, Ensinger naturally offers all other services, such as assembly and reworking. In addition, you also benefit from their expertise in the field of plastics thanks to the close networking with our other divisions.  
stress reduction block made of TECARIM 1500 yellow

Spring relief blocks for heavy tools

made from TECARIM 1500 yellow

More security with spring relief blocks made from TECARIM 1500 yellow

For spring assemblies in heavy tools relief must be provided when the tools are out of use. If the relief elements are accidentally not removed before the tools are taken into operation, the relief blocks made of TECARIM do not break or burst but deform. Thus they offer security for people and tools.

If the right material is not available for your application, we also process external thermoplastics. Contact us via our contact form.