Injection molding in mechanical engineering

Increasing productivity, service life and performance of machines while saving energy and overall costs - that's what we're here for. 

Our injection molding solutions and the diversity of our high performance thermoplastics offer new ways to increase productivity in the engineering and manufacturing of industrial products. Often, where other, conventional materials reach their limits, we can offer a precise and  high-strength injection molded part, paving the way to greater efficiency and lower overall costs.

Problem solving through injection molding and development know-how

We translate the increasing requirements for tribological optimisation, lightweight construction, insulation, noise and vibration reduction, temperature or even material resistance into optimal injection molding solutions.
In component development, the plastic itself is a key success factor for us. We develop materials in-house for injection molding processes with the optimum properties for your applications. With numerous additive variants, material combinations and special compounds, we can meet even the highest material requirements of our customers.
Plastic compounds high temperature plastics

Our extensive manufacturing expertise in injection molding and our state-of-the-art injection molding production sites enable us to provide you with customised, innovative injection molding solutions for your individual production environment locally.

This allows injection molded components with complex shapes and designs to be produced with high accuracy and efficiency in small, medium and large series. With our expertise in smooth industrialisation through professional project support and project management, as well as our robust quality assurance program, we ensure successful implementation of manufacturing processes through to series production.

injection molding solutions for industrial applications

Our injection molding products increase productivity and machine life, reduce assembly and maintenance costs, and support reliable and smooth manufacturing processes. They are used in a wide range of demanding industrial applications, such as:

  • Mechanical Engineering & Production Equipment
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Industrial Drives 
  • Pumps and Valves
  • Materials Handling
  • Filtration and water treatment

Injection molding reduces friction, lubricant, noise and vibration

We offer customer and application specific injection molded parts such as seals, gears, bearings or bushings, which help to improve tribology and combine low-friction and wear-resistant properties. As a result, energy and performance efficiency of the machines can be significantly improved.
In addition to optimising energy and power efficiency, injection-molded parts can also be used as solid lubricants to optimise and extend emergency running properties. By using high performance plastics, we can replace conventional metal products such as gears or bearings, and also improve running conditions, noise and vibration in the application.

Injection molding improves weight and performance

Mechanical requirements with high loads and high torques are part of many applications, such as industrial drives, automation, conveyor or safety systems. 
In response to these type of requirements, we offer injection molding of fibre reinforced high performance thermoplastics. We provide high-precision injection molded parts as metal replacements with high wear and fatigue resistance, tensile strength and stiffness, and significantly higher impact resistance. These parts can be used over a wide temperature range and have excellent dimensional stability and chemical resistance. 
With our special processes such as overmolding, insert molding, 2K injection molding, we simultaneously integrate functions and thus reduce assembly and mounting costs.

Plastic injection molding based microsystems

Semiconductor and sensor technologies are increasingly used in industrial applications to monitor the condition of machines and ensure trouble-free operation through intelligent controls. 
Parameters such as flow, position, speed, etc. can be measured. 

With injection-molded microsystems, we offer a completely new approach. This allows us to replace expensive silicon semiconductors with injection-molded thermoplastic wafers. In doing so, we combine many years of injection molding experience, an in-depth understanding of the individual components and innovative manufacturing methods - for quality at the highest level. In the process, conductive tracks and sensors can also be integrated directly into injection-molded components, thus also reducing the number of components.

Please discuss your specific project with our injection molding experts. They will be happy to answer your questions.