Customised plastic profiles for the pharma and biopharma industry

Plastics and parts made from them have a wide range of applications. Their good resistance to chemicals, sterilisation and cleaning processes and very good corrosion resistance make them ideal for the challenging environment of drug manufacturing. Our plastic profiles for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries feature high precision, high specific strength, excellent chemical resistance and high abrasion resistance. We can also produce complex geometries, specific dimensions and custom sizes to your exact specifications.

Precision-fit plastic profiles for optimum results

Food grade materials are often the basis for parts used in the pharmaceutical industry. Where applications are more in contact with the patient, they are subject to biocompatibility requirements. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of biocompatible and food-safe materials and manufacture profiles with the highest precision. In addition to our extrusion profiles, we also produce continuous fibre reinforced profiles using thermoplastic pultrusion. 
Our experts can advise you on suitable materials and profile manufacturing processes to find the right profile solution for your project.