P84 polyimide powder - precious like gold

TECAPOWDER P84 polyimides, the top end of high-performance plastics, are useful in various demanding applications in industries such as aerospace, semiconductor, automotive, aircraft, plasma-welding and diamond wheel. No other plastic material keeps more superlatives in its designation than polyimides. TECAPOWDER P84 is based on P84® by Evonik. BTDA and PMDA monomers reacted with isocyanate to produce fully imidized polyimide resins without the need for post curing.

Since 1984 the production and the development of P84 has been situated in Austria, Lenzing. The Ensinger group is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale components made of engineering and high-performance plastics. Further development of proven production techniques, new applications and international expansion have earned the enterprise a place among the leaders in its field.

P84 properties

  • High heat resistance
  • Good wear resistance at elevated temperatures
  • Very good creep resistance
  • High compressive strength
  • Very high glass transition temperature
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High purity
  • Good plasma erosion
  • Low outgassing

    P84 ProductS

    TECAPOWDER P84 is a fully imidized PI resin. Due to its chemical structure, it is a non-meltable pseudo thermoplastic polymer, with a well-defined Tg (glass transition temperature). It is an approved material for demanding requirements and offers excellent properties and opportunities for state-of-the-art applications. The product line ranges from solution grade granulate to fine powder.

    TECAPOWDER P84 for special applications

    P84 powder in high-performance parts

    • Excellent dimensional stability
    • Good creep resistance under high load at elevated temperatures which are unreachable for other plastics.
    • Even under short term heating up to 350 °C (660 °F) parts made of TECAPOWDER P84 do not melt or soften

    P84 powder as filler for PTFE reinforcement

    • Excellent wear behavior without abrasion of the sliding partner
    • High creep resistance under load and a real bonding of the powder into the matrix
    • Excellent surfaces of skived films of these compounds

      P84 powder for resin in diamond wheels

      • High level bearing capacity
      • Thermal stability
      • High grinding speeds
      • Double the performance versus phenolic

      P84 powder improves the performance of lithium batteries

      • High thermal resistance
      • Good wear resistance at elevated temperatures
      • Very good creep resistance
      • High compressive strength
      • Very high glass transition temperature
      • Excellent mechanical properties
      • High purity
      • Good plasma erosion
      • Low outgassing

      P84 solution grades for coatings

      • Improved chemical resistance
      • High temperature stability
      • Bonds very well to most metals

        P84 for parts in semiconductor production

        • High purity
        • Plasma resistant
        • Dimensionally stable at high temperatures
        • Very good machinability

            P84 for composite materials

            • Higher impact strength
            • Better interlaminar shear strength
            • Reduced micro cracking compared to virgin polymer systems

            Delivery forms

            TECAPOWDER P84 HCM grades are used to mould high-performance stock shapes. TECAPOWDER P84 STD can be used in composites.

            p84 powder

            TECAPOWDER P84 solution grade materials are for dissolving in DMF, DMSO or other polar solvents for use in speciality coatings.

            p84 granulate
            TECAPOWDER P84 HT VPD  grades are highly crosslinked which allows its use as a filler in many fluorpolymers. Small mesh sizes allow for good properties and uniform colour in sintered PTFE compounds. 
            TECAPOWDER P84 HCM blends contain various fillers for high-performance semi-finished parts based on the end use requirements. Graphite grades are excellent for bearing and wear resistance parts. Glass fibre grades are used for high strength and dimensional stability.


            TECAPOWDER P84 for the glass industry

            TECAPOWDER P84 parts can be used in the glass industry in applications such as bottle grippers with a higher productivity due to their properties: excellent temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity and a longer lifetime. 

            P84 for the semiconductor industry

            The high electrical insulation and the low ion content of TECAPOWDER P84 HCM parts offer the ideal condition for applications in the semiconductor industry such as in test sockets or in chip and wafer manufacturing.

            P84 for mechanical engineering

            Various applications in mechanical engineering require demanding mechanical and tribological properties at temperatures above 200 °C (392 °F). For example, TECAPOWDER P84 resin can be used as a matrix material in diamond grinding wheels.

            TECAPOWDER P84 for automotive sectors

            TECAPOWDER P84 HCM parts can be used in various applications in the automotive sectors as they offer excellent mechanical stability under high continuous temperatures or high pV values in lubricated and unlubricated environments.

            P84 for vacuum and cryogenic 

            Applications in vacuum and cryogenic technology require materials with good mechanical and tribological properties coupled with low outgassing values. Therefore TECAPOWDER P84 is the optimum solution for these fields of application.


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            Locations & Team

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            Our development centre, manufacturing site and organisation are located in Austria.

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