Direct Forming Polyimides

Polyimide Direct Formed Parts

With direct forming precise direct formed components are manu­fac­tured from high tem­per­a­ture plastics. High-speed automatic presses (mechanical or hydraulic) compact the powder in the mould cavity. The parts are then sintered for some hours at high tem­per­a­tures with the exclu­sion of oxygen.  


Outstanding properties 

Direct formed parts made of TECASINT are particularly suitable for applications involving a high level of thermal and mechanical stress in which very good emergency running characteristics are required depending on speed and force.

Due to the high purity and the very good thermal stability of - 270°C to + 300°C, applications can also be implemented in a vacuum and in the cryogenic and high-temperature ranges.

Economic effiency

The direct forming technology in­volves practically no material waste. In most cases, reworking is also not required.

Due to the short cycle time, die pressing is also partic­u­lar­ly economical for precise volume parts from batch sizes of 1,000.

Core Industries

  • Automotive engineering industry
  • Glass industry
  • Textile industry 
  • Plant and machine engineering 
  • Aerospace industry 
  • Plasma and laser welding technology

Applications for Polyimide Die pressed mouldings

The preferred field s of applications for direct formed polyimide parts are:

wear rings, bearing discs, bearing bushes, piston and axial sealing rings, hot glass handling parts, sliding bearings, chain bushings, valve seats, friction rings and insulators

Bottle gripper made from high-temperature polyimide

Polyimides from the TECASINT product family are increasingly used for bottle grippers and transportation discs.  

  • Cost savings due to 3-4 times greater durability compared with conventional materials (such as CFC)
  • Excellent war resistance
  • Significant reduction of micro cracks
  • Low thermal conductivity, good impact resistance and high modulus of elasticity