TECATEC PEI GW50 PL V01 natural

Glass fibre reinforced PEI composite plate

TECATEC PEI GW50 PL V01 natural is a PEI composite that is based on the polyetherimide Ultem resin. Due to the 50 vol% reinforcement with glass fibre fabric, this thermoplastic offers extreme mechanical strength and thermal dimensional stability. The glass fibre reinforcement enhances the stiffness and strength when compared to unreinforced or short-fibre reinforced PEI, while keeping costs competitive.

The reinforced thermoplastic is inherently flame retardant and therefore suited for the use in transportation interior, such as in buses, trains, aircrafts and urban air mobility vehicles. Furthermore, it can be painted for a custom finish.

The glass fibre reinforcement combined with the electrical insulating properties of the Ultem material leads to an ideal electrical insulation profile of the composite material. Due to its excellent chemical resistance, TECATEC PEI GW50 PL V01 natural retains its strength even when exposed to most solvents. The high glass transition temperature of PEI makes TECATEC PEI GW50 PL V01 natural suitable for high-temperature applications where physical and mechanical properties have to be retained at temperatures of up to 200 °C.

TECATEC PEI GW50 PL V01 natural are plates made from glass filled plastic. They are available in two fibre architectures in relation to the woven glass fibre material used as reinforcement. While V01 refers to a US 7781 satin weave, which is well known in the aerospace industry, the V02 variant has a twill 2/2 weave which is more suitable for industrial applications. Both are available in sizes up to 525 x 625 mm and thicknesses from 1 mm up to 95 mm and are available with no minimum order requirement.

UltemTM is a registered trademark of the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC).


Chemical designation
PEI (Polyetherimide)
1.9 g/cm3

Main Features

  • electrically insulating
  • inherent flame resistance
  • very good mechanical strength

Target industries


Technical details

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    General material information Value Unit Parameter Norm
    Fibre type E glass - -
    Fibre architecture US 7781 - -
    Fibre areal weight 296 g/m2 -
    Fibre volume content 50 % -
    Resin weight content 33.7 % -
    Areal weight finished product 446 g/m2 -
    Material widths 625x525 mm others on request
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    Mechanical properties Value Unit Parameter Norm
    Tensile strength 450 MPa ISO 527-4
    Modulus of elasticity
    (tensile test)
    24000 MPa ISO 527-4
    Flexural strength 570 MPa ISO 14125
    Modulus of elasticity
    (flexural test)
    26000 MPa ISO 14125
    Compression strength 670 MPa ISO 14126
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    Thermal properties Value Unit Parameter Norm
    Glass transition temperature 217 C -
    Service temperature 200 C short term -
    Service temperature 180 C long term -
    Thermal expansion (CLTE) 10 106*K-1 in 0° and 90° direction -
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    Predrying Value Unit Parameter Norm
    Drying temperature 150 C -
    Drying time 4-6 h -

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