Glass filled plastics

Glass fibres are the most frequently used reinforcing fibres in reinforced polymers. Glass filled nylon and other polyamides offer good mechanical, chemical and dielectric properties, and are also low in price. The mechanical characteristics which are predominantly improved by these fibres are tensile and compressive strength. In addition, thermal dimensional stability also increases. However, for sliding friction applications, glass filled nylon should usually be avoided, as the glass fibres tend to exert a highly abrasive effect and can quickly cause the mating component to wear.

TECADUR PBT GF30 natural

PBT GF30 natural is a special 30% glass fibre reinforced product. This material demonstrates optimized properties in a number of areas.

TECAMID 6 GF30 black

PA 6 GF30 is a 30 % glass fibre reinforced polyamide that we manufacture under the trade name TECAMID 6 GF30 black...

TECANAT GF30 natural

PC GF 30 is a glass filled polycarbonate material that is manufactured by Ensinger under the trade name TECANAT GF30 natural.This 30% glass fibre reinforced...