PEI - Polyetherimid 

TECAPEI Ensinger Plastics

Polyetherimide or PEI material is an amorphous thermoplastic with high mechanical strength and rigidity. PEI polymer is extruded by Ensinger in sheet and rod shapes using Sabic's Ultem® resin. Unfilled PEI thermoplastic is translucent and amber in color with exceptional mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. In filled grades, the addition of glass fiber reinforcement, coupled with Ensinger's proprietary extrusion techniques, provides users with a polyetherimide offering that has both greater tensile strength and rigidity, while also improving dimensional stability.

PEI Ultem® plastic has similar characteristics to the polyarylsulphones, while simultaneously offering significant advantages. Polyetherimides has a remarkably high creep resistance over a wide temperature and a high permanent operating temperature. Furthermore, very good resistance to hydrolysis, along with dimensional stability rounds out the portfolio of polyetherimide properties.

PEI material properties and specifications

PEI plastics offers:

  • High permanent operating temperature (170°C)
  • High mechanical strength
  • High rigidity
  • High creep resistance over a wide temperature range
  • High dimensional stability
  • Very good resistance to hydrolysis (suitable for repetitive steam sterilisation)
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Good radiation resistance
  • Good chemical resistance to chlorine and caustic/acidic cleaning agents


Manufactured PEI Materials

Ensinger's PEI plastic material offering is manufactured and distinguished by the trade name TECAPEI. The Ensinger TECAPEI family offers the following modifications:

  • TECAPEI - PEI unfilled
  • TECAPEI GF30 - PEI with 30% glass fibre reinforcement
  • TECAPEI MT - PEI for medical applications, biocompatible

TECAPEI natural

TECAPEI natural (PEI) has high mechanical strength and rigidity, very good hydrolysis resistance, dimensional stability and a relatively high long-term service temperature...

TECAPEI GF30 natural

TECAPEI GF30 is a 30% glass fibre reinforced PEI. The material has high rigidity, very high mechanical strength, extremely good dimensional stability and resistance to high-energy radiation.

Ensinger is a supplier of Polyetherimide shapes such as:

  • PEI rod
  • PEI sheet

Ultem® is a registered trademark of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (Sabic).

Typical PEI applications

Electronic industries: coils and fuses

Aerospace industries: components for antenna constructions and components for interior equipment