COVID-19 Products

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our daily lives, Ensinger have been developing new ways to help keep the public safe. Below are just some of the projects and applications we have been involved in to help support both the NHS and the wider community.

Limiting your exposure to germs is incredibly important, this is why Ensinger designed the No-Touch Tool – a handy device for avoiding contact with public surfaces.
There has been a sharp rise in the demand for PPE equipment; therefore, Ensinger has designed a face shield made from engineering plastics.

Ensinger has been supporting the manufacture of ventilator equipment desperately needed in hospitals during this pandemic.

No-Touch Tool

Contactless Device - AVAILABLE to purchase

Protect yourself and others during this pandemic by avoiding interaction with contaminated surfaces such as door handles, lift buttons and chip and PIN devices. The No-Touch Tool is cleverly designed to act as a substitute for those daily actions that would otherwise be performed by human hands. 

To help reduce the number of things you have to touch everyday, the No-Touch Tool comprises a hook for handles and a stylus point that can be used to press buttons.

Avoid contact with: 

  • Door handles 
  • Toilet flush handle/button 
  • Lift buttons 
  • Chip and PIN/ATM 
  • Vending machine buttons 
  • Light switches 
  • ...and many more 

Designed and machined in house, the No-Touch Tool is made from Acetal which is light and easy to clean. Acetal is hard wearing for constant use and shows good chemical resistance for regular cleaning with disinfectants.

The No-Touch Tool is easy to carry and comfortable to use. It can be placed in your pocket or on a keychain so you always have it to hand - Overall size 79mm x 32mm x 6mm thick.

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Face Shield

Available to purchase

Keep your employees and customers safer during this pandemic with our face shields. Face shields can effectively protect your face, eyes, nose and mouth from direct contact with liquids, sprays and droplets in the air.

Although widely used in medical and healthcare establishments, face shields are also effective in a wider variety of public facing roles such as shopkeepers, taxi drivers, deli-counter assistants, pharmacists, checkout operators, receptionists and many more. 

Our shield uses optically clear PET or PVC foil material for maximum visibility, and the adjustable headband is made from PP. For optimal protection, the shield covers the full face, extending below the chin and to the ears laterally.

These transparent face shields can be worn on their own, or over other PPE such as surgical masks and eyewear, to offer an additional barrier against Coronavirus. 

Our face shields are lightweight and easy to clean and reuse, using water or alcohol disinfectants. The face shield comes flat packed for self-assembly so that it can be easily transported and stored.

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Supporting the Manufacture of Ventilator Equipment 

Ventilator equipment desperately needed to assist Coronavirus patients to breathe, have been in short supply in the UK. Therefore, a number of manufacturers from a range of industries have been stepping up to help plug the shortage.  

Ensinger has been supporting this, following an urgent requirement to supply material for the valuable production of ventilator equipment, desperately needed to assist the NHS during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

As time was crucial, we fulfilled this request the same day from stock so that the manufacturing could commence immediately. We are pleased and proud to be able to play even a small part in helping this cause during this crisis.

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