Ensinger is a world leader in the field of engineering plastics, excelling in both the manufacture of semi-finished stock shapes and profiles and in the machining of plastic materials. Ensinger located in Tonyrefail, South Wales is the UK headquarters of parent company, Ensinger GmbH, based in Nufringen in Germany.

Since its establishment in December 1987, Ensinger UK has grown continuously. Rapidly increasing demand has since led to the growth of a further four branches at strategic locations within the UK, as well as two fully independent machine shops. One fundamental reason for the continuous growth of the group is, without a doubt, the fact that Ensinger products are developed and manufactured from completely new materials and therefore constantly find their way into new applications – earning this family owned enterprise a place among the leaders in its field.

Facts and Figures



Managing Directors:

Paul David, Terry Maggs, James Cole


Tonyrefail, South Wales


approx. 240


approx. £38m


High-performance and engineering thermoplastics. Distribution of extruded and cast semi-finished plastic products, machined finished parts, industrial profiles and tubes as well as building products.

Number of UK sales locations:


Machining facilities:

Tonyrefail and Bridgwater

Industries served:

Automotive, aerospace, medical, food technology, oil and gas, electrical, mechanical and plant engineering, building and many other industries.


In addition to its headquarters in Nufringen, Germany, Ensinger has 33 production and sales sites located on every continent. Since its establishment in 1987, Ensinger UK has grown into 5 stock shapes locations, as well as 2 state of the art machine shops and a manufacturing facility, each strategically located throughout the UK, ensuring Ensinger’s high quality engineering plastic materials are never too far away. 


With 240 employees, Ensinger Group UK generates about £39 million. Its managing directors are Paul David, Terry Maggs and James Cole.


Corporate Policy

We promote the use of technical plastics in trade and industry and develop individual solutions for our customers.

This is our vision and our corporate policy follows from this.

Press and News

Here you can find press releases, technical articles and photographs of Ensinger’s most recent announcements and news.


Ensinger is one of the leading plastics supplier and precision engineering groups in the UK. With more than 240 employees working at our 5 branches, 2 machine shops and a network spanning the globe, working with Ensinger will enable you to be a part of an innovative, global organisation with strong ethics and a bright and exciting future.



Ensinger was established in the UK in December 1987 with only three people at the helm. Rapidly increasing demand has since led to the growth of a further 4 branches at strategic locations within the UK, 2 fully independent machining companies, a building profile company and a manufacturing facility. Today, Ensinger employs almost 300 people throughout the UK, focusing on continued growth.
Llantrisant Ensinger

Wilfried and Martha Ensinger Foundation

The mission of the Wilfried and Martha Ensinger Foundation, founded in 1998, is to provide long-term support for social, scientific and cultural projects.