Today, new materials play a decisive role in determining industrial progress. We have made it our task to supply our customers with thermoplastics to a high standard of quality, backed by exemplary service. Our mission statement describes our corporate culture and the approach we take in achieving our aims. We accept neither faulty products nor processes nor services. We respect the objectives of sustainable environmental protection and act responsibly when using natural resources. We minimize hazards at the workplace by meeting strict requirements and continually improving our systems in the areas of occupational health and safety protection.

Guiding Principles


We promote the use of technical plastics in trade and industry, and develop individual solutions for our customers.

Customer orientation

We provide products and services that benefit our customers, and that give them competitive advantages. Our solutions are innovative, of high quality, functional and economical.

Leading role

We take a leading, determining role in the markets that we enter.


We are active world-wide, and strive for continuous growth, which is made possible by more and more new products.

Continuous improvements

We will consistently optimise our internal processes, in order to manufacture excellent products, to achieve maximum productivity, to avoid waste of any kind, and to further lower costs.


We strive for fair, balanced relations with our business partners, and nurture long-term, stable relationships.


We desire to make a profit that will allow us to ensure the existence and the further development of the company and to provide an adequate return on the invested capital.

Employee potential

Our company is formed by committed, qualified employees. We promote the professional and personal development of our employees and the transfer of knowledge and experience within the company.

Sense of responsibility

From our employees, we expect a high degree of initiative, readiness to assume responsibility, a will to work, openness to innovation, and flexibility. From our managers, we expect far-sighted, circumspect action, identification with the company’s objectives, and exemplary leadership.


We make our contribution to the protection of the environment, and, as citizens of state and city, will think and act responsibly towards fellow-citizens.

Quality, Environment, Health and Safety


Our responsibility for the environment motivates us to produce sustainably. We check the ecological impacts of our work in advance.


Protection of the environment is a task for everyone. So it is up to each of us to contribute.


In order to achieve our environmental goals, we provide staff with the necessary resources and generally provide information about advances being made in ecological programmes at regular intervals.

Waste / emissions

We work continually to reduce our waste and emissions.

Dangerous substances

Wherever possible, we substitute dangerous substances.


We reduce the consumption of resources continuously.


We permanently optimize our processes and products as well as our energy-related productivity.


Quality is the basis of our work. It is defined by the expectations and wishes of our customers.


Every employee generates his or her own contribution to creating quality. 

Zero defects

We accept neither faulty products nor processes nor services. 


We undertake to continuously improve all our services and processes.

Prevention and avoidance

We avoid hazards at the workplace and thus help to prevent occupational accidents.

Working conditions

We have a duty to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our employees and other people who might be affected by the business. 

Continuous improvement

We continuously strive to improve our performance in all matters relating to health and safety protection at the workplace. 


We carry out regular training of our employees in the importance of health and safety protection at work. 

Legal conformity

We observe, maintain and comply with our moral and legal obligations on all matters relating to health and safety, company policy and relevant legislation.

Code of Conduct

Our actions are based on the mission statement of Ensinger, which shapes our relationship with our business partners as well as our colleagues and the owners of our company. Respecting and upholding these values will also form the basis of our future business success. Our reputation in the market and in public is based on the behavior of our employees. This reputation is based on respect for our corporate values, law and order, and our internal rules and procedures.


With this Code of Conduct, we want to summarize the most important mandatory standards and provide our employees with guidelines for the orientation of their actions. Our managers are the first point of contact for all questions relating to this Code of Conduct. We expect our managers to actively exemplify the principles of our mission statement and this Code of Conduct as part of their role model function and to communicate and demand of their employees.


This Code of Conduct is part of the Ensinger risk management system and applies to all companies and locations of the Ensinger Group. The provisions of this Code of Conduct do not confer any rights on third parties.

Selection of Suppliers

In accordance with our mission statement, we strive for a balanced and fair relationship based on partnership with our business partners. When selecting our business partners, care must be taken to ensure that they observe the values set out in this Code of Conduct.


The Ensinger Group is committed to fair competition. Every employee is obliged to comply with the applicable laws against restraints of competition. Illegal agreements about prices or other conditions, territories or customers as well as the abuse of market power contradict the values of the company.

Bribery and Corruptibility

The Ensinger Group rejects and does not tolerate bribery and corruption. All employees must ensure that no personal dependencies or obligations to business partners arise. In particular, employees must not give or accept gifts or other benefits which, from a reasonable point of view, would be considered to have an undue influence on the recipient’s actions or decisions. Strict standards must be applied in particular to public officials. Gifts of money are prohibited in any case. National legal norms must be observed.

Business Secrets

Business secrets of partners are treated confidentially by the Ensinger Group and its employees. Any disclosure to third parties is prohibited and applies to all members of the company even after termination of employment.

Role Model

Our managers act as role models and ensure that violations of this Code of Conduct do not occur in their area of responsibility through appropriate supervision.

Tolerance and Equal Opportunity

The Ensinger Group respects human rights worldwide. All employees must be treated with dignity and respect.

Working Conditions

The Ensinger Group offers its employees appropriate remuneration and fair working conditions. All forms of forced labor are rejected. Child labor is tolerated only to the extent permitted by law and on condition that the child has reached a minimum age of 15 years, or older when indicated by local regulation. Excluded from this age limit are legally permissible work placements within the framework of professional orientation.

Health and Safety

Appropriate systems must be set up to avoid risks to health and safety. Compliance with applicable national and international regulations for ensuring health and safety at work is required. Working hours comply with applicable national law or the relevant ILO conventions.

Environmental Protection

In accordance with its mission statement, Ensinger observes the goals of sustainable environmental protection and treats natural resources responsibly.


Measures and Consulting

Ensinger shall inform employees regarding the Code of Conduct in an appropriate manner and frequency. Additionally, Ensinger shall help employees to avoid violations of law and this Code of Conduct. It is the responsibility of managers to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct.

Complaints and Reporting

Every employee, every business partner and every other third party has the opportunity to report violations of the Code of Conduct or corresponding suspicious cases to Ensinger. If they wish to make such a report, employees are best advised to contact their line manager, their local compliance officer or the employee representative. Alternatively, employees and third parties outside the company can also contact Compliance by e-mail at [obfemailstart]Y29tcGxpYW5jZUBlbnNpbmdlcnBsYXN0aWNzLmNvbQ==[obfemailend].

If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can contact our whistle-blower system at the following address https://ensinger.schindhelm-wbsolution.com. Our whistleblower system is operated externally by Schindhelm Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, Osnabrück, an online platform commissioned by us. No reporter of violations or suspected cases will suffer any disadvantages whatsoever as a result of this and will be actively protected by Ensinger against such measures.



Gender pay gap report

It is a mandatory requirement in the UK that all Companies with over 250 employees have to publish and report their gender pay gap. We have now published our findings and you can read our full report by clicking on the below link.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Ensinger is committed to acting in a responsible and ethical manner. We have a zero tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking ("Modern slavery").

Modern slavery is a crime and violation of fundamental human rights. It takes various forms, such as slaver, servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking, all of which have in common the deprivation of a person's liberty by another to exploit them for personal or commercial gain.

Ensinger's prohibition on modern slavery applies to all person's working for the Group or on its behalf in any capacity. The company will promptly and thoroughly investigate any claim or indication that a supplier is engaging directly or indirectly with human trafficking or slavery.

If a supplier is found in violation of this or any other policy or principle within Ensinger's code of conduct, Ensinger will take remedial measures to address the violation.