Today, new materials play a decisive role in determining industrial progress. We have made it our task to supply our customers with thermoplastics to a high standard of quality, backed by exemplary service. Our mission statement describes our corporate culture and the approach we take in achieving our aims. We accept neither faulty products nor processes nor services. We respect the objectives of sustainable environmental protection and act responsibly when using natural resources. We minimize hazards at the workplace by meeting strict requirements and continually improving our systems in the areas of occupational health and safety protection.

Guiding Principles


We promote the use of technical plastics in trade and industry, and develop individual solutions for our customers.

Customer orientation

We provide products and services that benefit our customers, and that give them competitive advantages. Our solutions are innovative, of high quality, functional and economical.

Leading role

We take a leading, determining role in the markets that we enter.


We are active world-wide, and strive for continuous growth, which is made possible by more and more new products.

Continuous improvements

We will consistently optimise our internal processes, in order to manufacture excellent products, to achieve maximum productivity, to avoid waste of any kind, and to further lower costs.


We strive for fair, balanced relations with our business partners, and nurture long-term, stable relationships.


We desire to make a profit that will allow us to ensure the existence and the further development of the company and to provide an adequate return on the invested capital.

Employee potential

Our company is formed by committed, qualified employees. We promote the professional and personal development of our employees and the transfer of knowledge and experience within the company.

Sense of responsibility

From our employees, we expect a high degree of initiative, readiness to assume responsibility, a will to work, openness to innovation, and flexibility. From our managers, we expect far-sighted, circumspect action, identification with the company’s objectives, and exemplary leadership.


We make our contribution to the protection of the environment, and, as citizens of state and city, will think and act responsibly towards fellow-citizens.

Quality, Environment and ENERGY, Health and Safety POLICY

Version dated: November 2017

Code of Conduct

The basis of our actions is the Ensinger mission statement which defines the character of our relations with our business partners and also with our employees, colleagues and the owners of our company. The upholding and preserving of these values will also be the basis of our continued business success.

Our reputation in the market and in the public domain is sustained by the conduct of our employees. The basis of this reputation is the respect for our corporate values, law and order and our internal regulations and directives.

With this Code of Conduct we would like to summarise the most important and imperative standards and provide the employees with a guide for orienting their actions. The most important drivers and first point of contact for all questions in connection with this Code of Conduct are our executives. We expect our executives to actively promote the principles of our mission statement and this Code of Conduct as part of their performance as a role model and communicate this to their employees and ensure they abide by it.

This Code of Conduct is part of the Ensinger risk management system and applies to all group companies and branches of the Ensinger Group. The regulations contained in this Code of Conduct do not create any rights in favour of third parties.

Nufringen, July 2019

Klaus Ensinger, Managing Director
Dr. Oliver Frey, Managing Director
Ralph Pernizsak, Managing Director
Dr. Roland Reber, Managing Director