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You are advised to check for yourself the information you obtain from this Website before you rely or make use of this information, irrespective of what you use it for. The advice given on this Website does not release you from the obligation of verifying information for yourself – in particular, our material data safety sheets and our technical information – and of checking our products with regard to their suitability for your intended procedures and purposes.

The information on this Website does not constitute any warranty of characteristics, standards or suitability for any particular purpose; the contents provided here are for the purpose of general information alone. Please contact us directly if you require specific advice or information on our products or services. 


The conditions of your use and application of technical assistance and information (whether verbal, written or by way of production evaluations), including any suggested formulations and recommendations, are beyond our control.  Therefore, it is imperative that you test our products, technical assistance and information to determine to your own satisfaction whether they are suitable for your intended uses and applications.  This application-specific analysis at least must include testing to determine suitability from a technical as well as health, safety and environmental standpoint.  Such testing has not necessarily been done by Ensinger or its affiliates.  All information is given without warranty or guarantee.  It is expressly understood and agreed that the customer assumes and hereby expressly releases Ensinger Group from all liability, in tort, contract or otherwise, incurred in connection with the use of our products, technical assistance and information.  Any statement or recommendation not contained herein is unauthorized and shall not bind Ensinger, or any of its affiliates.  Nothing herein shall be construed as a recommendation to use any product in conflict with patents covering any material or its use.  No license is implied or in fact granted under the claims of any patent.  Ensinger will endeavor to provide accurate and up-to-date information on this Website through periodic updates.  There may be time lags, errors, or delays in periodic updates which may result in inaccuracies, including typographical errors, in the information and services available on this Website.  Ensinger Group will not be liable for problems arising out of the interaction between this Website and the local hardware and/or software you use to access the Website. THIS WEBSITE, AND ALL INFORMATION AND SERVICES AVAILABLE THROUGH THE WEBSITE, ARE PROVIDED 'AS IS' WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE, AND NONINFRINGEMENT, AND UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR-FREE OPERATION. IN NO EVENT SHALL ENSINGER OR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF OR IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH THE USE OF THIS WEBSITE, ANY OF THE CONTENT OR FUNCTIONALITY OF THIS WEBSITE OR WITH THE DELAY OR INABILITY TO USE THIS WEBSITE, EVEN IF ENSINGER OR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF DAMAGES. Ensinger Group makes no warranties, express or implied, that the use of this Website does not infringe any patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property right of any third party.

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