Machined Parts
Precision Plastic Components

Machining is the fastest, most economical way to produce a finished technical plastic component – particularly for small production runs. Ensinger Machined Parts Ltd has over 50 years of experience in the machining of engineering and high-temperature plastics. Equipped with state-of-the-art technological facilities, our highly qualified team of specialists manufacture precision components to the very narrowest tolerances at our two machining facilities, located in South Wales and Bridgwater.

Backed by the Ensinger Group's global expertise and a stock holding of over 100 different engineering plastic materials - Ensinger Machined Parts is your ideal partner for precision machined plastic components.


Key Facts


Over 50 years


Terry Maggs 

Production facilities:

Tonyrefail, South Wales and Bridgwater, Somerset


approx. 150


ISO 13485, ISO 9001, AS 9100 REV D

Why Machined Parts?


Apprenticeship Scheme

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Application examples

Capillary carousel for PCR-Analysis

  • Low thermal expansion at fast temperature changes
  • Good chemical resistance to disinfectants and detergents
  • High precision machining
  • Intensive pigmentation (deep black) allows very accurate measurement results

Chain pins for conveyor belts in food technology

TECAMID 66 natural, TECADUR PBT natural, TECAFORM AH natural

  • Exact roundness
  • Low squeal in service
  • Wear resistance

Gear case for tooth rack

Machined from TECAPEEK natural and TECAPEEK PVX

  • High mechanical strength
  • Good kinetical friction properties
  • No lubrication necessary
  • Low density
  • Narrow tolerances