Medical grade PEEK composite


TECATEC PEEK MT CW50 black is a carbon fibre composite material characterised by extraordinary mechanical strength and high thermal dimensional stability. 

The fields of application are very often within traumatology, with applications like internal fixation systems (target arms), external fixation systems as well as other structural elements.



TECATEC PEEK MT CW50 black is a medical grade PEEK plastic. It is suitable for all medical applications that require biocompatibility with limited contact of up to 24 hours with skin and tissue, and, where applicable, indirect contact with blood.

TECATEC PEEK MT CW50 black material is tested accordingly to ISO 10993.

Key characteristics

Ensinger carbon fibre composite materials comprise a thermoplastic matrix and a woven fabric of carbon fibre bundles. This combination ensures significantly higher tensile and flexural strength in comparison to fibre reinforced extruded materials. These lightweight PEEK offer good chemical resistance and are also permeable to X-rays. Other properties include:

  • Outstanding strength
  • Excellent thermal dimensional stability
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Low water absorption
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Excellent resistance to hot steam autoclaving
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Steam sterilisation resistance 

Hot steam sterilisation: According to several tests performed by our customers and partners, TECATEC PEEK MT CW50 black shows no significant loss of mechanical properties or other negative influences like discolouration, even after 500 sterilisation cycles. In several applications it has proved its suitability for clinical use.

TECATEC MT material

The PEEK polymer used in TECATEC PEEK MT CW50 black is VICTREX® PEEK, which is compressed with woven carbon fabric mats. A special coating on the fabric reduces the number of faults. The carbon fibre content of 50 per cent offers extreme torsional stiffness and practically eliminates warping despite repeated sterilisation.  
TECATEC PEEK MT CW50 black is produced to customer order with maximum focus on the customer's dimensional needs. Ensinger is able to offer TECATEC PEEK MT CW50 black in 1 mm steps of panel thickness, allowing the greatest possible material and cost savings. 


The specially designed materials of Ensinger's TECATEC composite family offer extreme mechanical strength and thermal dimensional...

PEEK Composite plastics in medical devices

Target arm


Orthopaedic fixing systems

The goal of orthopaedic trauma treatment is to restore a broken bone to its correct position and orientation. When this is done by means of surgical intervention, fixing systems are used to secure the bone in the anatomically correct position. Manufacturers of such fixing systems need to meet many and exacting requirements in terms of function, weight and appearance, at the same time as keeping an eye on the overall costs in view of increasingly tight budgets.