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Ensinger offer a comprehensive choice of finishing techniques, depending on your finished component, material choice and tolerances required, semi-finished products can be further processed to meet individual requirements.

Finishing techniques

The flexibility from our cutting equipment means that minimum and maximum quantities are non-existent, as we can supply anything from one-off single cut pieces to many thousands.

Billets and blocks are cut at right angles and always exactly to size by numerically controlled machines. Rods and tubes up to 540mm diameter can be billeted to industry standard or customer specific tolerances. Ensinger can produce cut pieces from full size sheets ranging in thickness from 0.25mm to 150mm.

Both rod and tube can be ground to specific size to close tolerances:

  • within .05mm/.002″ for outside diameters up to 25mm/1″
  • .13mm/.005″ for outside diameters up to 50mm/2″ diameter
  • .25mm/.010″ for diameters over 2″

Our standard stock sizes range from 1.5mm to 75mm diameter. However, we can also supply custom ground sizes from less than 1mm diameter to 100mm upon request.

Parallel planing is performed on two sides and angular planing on four sides. Using these techniques, close tolerances and good surface finishes are possible – even with fibre reinforced plastics. 

Ensinger can supply planed pieces ranging in thicknesses from 4mm to 220mm and up to 800mm wide.

At Ensinger, we are keen to help you get the most out of your engineering plastic needs. With this in mind, our growing fabrication division can fabricate semi-finished products to any drawing, whatever the size, whatever the quantity. Our most popular fabricated parts can be categorised into machine guards, point of sale, signage and display and shopfittings. However, you can trust Ensinger to fabricate virtually any part that you may require.
Ensinger can offer sheet material with diamond polished edges as part of our additional services. With the capacity to polish sheets up to 45mm in thickness and an upper roller device enabling us to polish a large sheet size, this service produces excellent results. Adjustable feed speed allows up to 3 metres per minute, removing just 0.5mm from the material.

Ensinger Machined Parts Division is the UK’s largest group of specialist engineering thermoplastic machining facilities. 

Our machining division offers finished components using a range of manufacturing processes, including CNC turning, milling and routing, from our machine shops located in Tonyrefail, South Wales and Bridgwater, Somerset. 

Virtually all of our orders are shipped from our extensive stock holding for next day delivery. We can also fulfil individual scheduling requirements just as easily and efficiently.