PEEK pipes / tubes and rings

Tubes made from high performance polymer PEEK find their way into many different industries and applications, especially in the oil and gas or semiconductor industry. PEEK is often the choice of material due to its temperature, chemical and creep resistance combined with its thermal stability and compressive strength.

Required dimensions are as much of a driver as the application itself. Ensinger specialises in various processing methods to achieve the capability of producing PEEK pipes, tubes and rings for a wide range of dimensions. In our production facilities all over the world, we produce PEEK pipes and rings by using extrusion, compression moulding, rotational moulding process (often referred to as spin cast or spin moulding) and injection moulding. Compression moulding allows us to offer sizes with thicker cross sections and wall thicknesses, whereas spin molding provides the flexibility of offering billets that will perform in high temperature sealing applications, in a wide range of sizes that can be tailored to the customer’s needs. Moreover, we can customise the material blend for pipes and rings through adding suitable fillers and additives in addition to adjusting the OD and wall thicknesses to fit most oil & gas applications needs.

With almost 4000 different combinations of modification, production method and dimension, TECAPEEK offers the best diversity for the industries demand. Our PEEK pipes and PEEK rings are available with wall thicknesses between
5 to 180mm and outer diameters of up to 2200 mm. Lot sizes range from just one single piece e.g. for prototyping projects up to industrial size lots. With a wide range of tube sizes in stock, in addition to others being available on a custom order basis, our PEEK is a strong leader in the industry.

PEEK tube selector

Select from more than 4000 combinations by using the PEEK tube selector. You can select four PEEK plastic modifications and your exact size range of PEEK pipes and rings. As a result you'll learn more on availability, minimum order quantity and the production method. The best match will tell you which tube is closest to your desired dimension, so that you can reduce material waste when machining the material.

A wide range to select from - peek unfilled and reinforced

PEEK pipes, tubes and rings are available unfilled (TECAPEEK natural) and in the filled modifications, TECAPEEK GF30 natural (PEEK glass fibre reinforced) or TECAPEEK CF30 black (carbon filled PEEK).  For special bearing applications that demand certain frictional properties, PEEK PVX (TECAPEEK PVX black) is the suitable choice.

A wide range of applications especially within the offshore sector, where high temperatures, high mechanical forces and resistance to aggressive chemicals are essential, require a sour gas ageing test to confirm the qualification of the material for use in such harsh environments.
Our PEEK plastic, produced by the extrusion process, meets the strict requirements of both ISO 23936-1 and NORSOK M-710 that is required for sour gas and other challenging environments throughout the natural gas and petroleum industry.

Typical PEEK pipe applications