Compliance – A Cultural Imperative

For Ensinger, Compliance means more than just complying with applicable laws, Compliance is an important element of our Culture. We aim to consistently act ethically and with integrity. 

The ethically responsible and lawful conduct of everyone at Ensinger, forms a foundation of trust for business partners, stakeholders and the public; and ultimately is the basis for the success of the Ensinger Group.  For this reason, Ensinger has established a Compliance Management System whose organisation, processes and measures are aimed at promoting proper conduct within the Group in every respect, and above all, avoiding systematic violations of applicable laws.

Code of Conduct

The Ensinger Code of Conduct forms the foundation of our compliance culture. It describes the principles of ethically responsible and lawful conduct.

The Code of Conduct provides guidance in everyday work as well as in difficult situations, and it helps us to make the right decisions. The Code of Conduct applies group-wide to everyone at Ensinger.

Reporting A Compliance Violation

 Ethically responsible and lawful conduct is a high priority of Ensinger; therefore, detection of misconduct should be done early. Ensinger employees and business partners must be able to timely report information regarding potential misconduct; accordingly, we have set up a number of reporting channels.

  • Anyone. It may be that you are affected by the possible violation or may have only become aware of it. Our whistleblower system is open to everyone, not just employees of the Ensinger Group.
  • Please report any suspicion of an actual or potential violation of law or Ensinger’s Code of Conduct in connection with Ensinger’s business activities. Processes that indicate a criminal offense (e.g., theft, fraud, bribery, environmental crimes, etc.) or a systematic violation of applicable rules are of particular importance. 
    Possible misconduct by business partners in connection with Ensinger's activities can also be reported (e.g., a violation of human and environmental rights in the supply chain).
  • Yes, providing your name is voluntary. The system will provide a confidential mailbox for future communications with the Compliance team.  At no time during the entire registration process will you be asked to provide your name or e-mail address. With this understanding, we encourage you to provide your name to facilitate the processing of a report, however you can always remain anonymous if you wish.
    • Receipt of the report will be confirmed within 7 days to the confidential mailbox and directly when possible. 

    • Ensinger’s compliance team will perform a plausibility check of your report.

    • If we require additional information or have any questions, we will contact you. This will be done directly, if you provided your contact information, or via the protected mailbox if you reported anonymously. 

    • Further investigation of the facts is carried out by Ensinger’s Compliance team or the responsible specialized department.

    • Depending on the complexity of the situation, the investigation of the report may take some time. We will inform you of the results of the investigation or at least the current status no later than three months after initial reporting. 
  • Regardless of whether you disclose your identity or remain anonymous, the contents of the report will be treated confidentially and will generally only be available to the extent necessary to those who provide information. The identity of the whistleblower and all people named in the report will also be treated confidentially by the people investigating. This does not apply to intentionally or grossly negligent incorrect reporting or a claim to information from a law enforcement authority.
  • As long as your report was submitted in good faith for a possible violation of law, our Code of Conduct or internal policy, this will have no consequences. We do not tolerate discrimination or adverse actions against persons providing information. It is important at the time of reporting you believe the report is true and you are not submitting the report with malicious intent. Even if no violation can be found during the investigation, you should not be concerned for any negative consequences. 
  • Information on the processing of your personal data in compliance reports can be found in our privacy policy.

Contacting the Compliance Team

For additional information or inquiry, please contact the compliance team by one of the following means.