High-performance plastic solutions for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing

Ensinger is a global manufacturer of engineering and high-performance plastic solutions for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing equipment and components. Our compounds, machinable shapes, and finished components made of advanced thermoplastics have a proven track record in almost all major semiconductor tools throughout the entire fabrication process, ranging from wet processes, chemical mechanical planarization, plasma etching, deposition, lithography, testing, assembly, packaging, and more. Each stage of the fabrication process offers its own set of challenges: from extremely high temperatures, to exposure to highly aggressive chemicals, strictest purity requirements, tightest design and machining tolerances, or contact with plasma under vacuum. Working in close cooperation with many of the leading equipment and system manufacturers, Ensinger has established a dedicated portfolio of specialized semiconductor plastics that withstand the harsh processing conditions while enhancing part performance, minimising contaminations and defects, and lowering cost of ownership.  


Enhancing operation reliability with copy exact materials and components

Ensinger's semiconductor material and parts are processed in compliance with semiconductor copy exact requirements (also sometimes known as copy exactly or CE) and with the most stringent contamination and quality controls. Having the full value chain in-house from raw material inspection, compounding, extrusion and compression moulding, machining, and further processing enables consistent traceability and semiconductor specific quality inspections at every process step. Moreover, the integration of the whole value chain allows for consistent copy exact management covering lockdowns and change notifications at all major internal process steps. In this way, Ensinger ensures the highest level of cleanliness and quality performance consistency that are significantly above industry standard materials, helping to secure reliable operations of semiconductor manufacturing equipment components. 

Example with our stock shape TECAPEEK CMF white

Faster machining cycles and yield improvements through enhanced dimensional stability

High performance plastics are often used for semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts that must maintain tight tolerances during fabrication and after prolonged use. Extruded plates in particular pose a great challenge in terms of dimensional stability that is necessary to achieve such tight tolerance. 
Through optimisation of the manufacturing process, Ensinger succeeded in reducing internal stresses to levels that until now had not previously been achieved. The result is a new breed of high performance plastics capable of meeting the market's highest application demands. 
Low internal stress leads to less bending and warpage during machining and in operation. This is particularly important for parts machined out of plastic sheets that require high levels of flatness. In addition, this lower internal stress characteristic enables faster speeds and feeds during machining. The need for intermittent post annealing steps between operations can also be significantly reduced. The result is faster part production and better yield, which considerably reduces costs.

Improving production yield with thoroughly filtered and refined materials and components

Manufacturing high-performance plastics, in particular PPS, poses a great challenge in reducing visual defects, such as black specks, streaks, flow marks and other impurities. Some demanding applications require high optical cleanness of the part surface. In some semiconductor applications, impurities in the material can even have damaging effects that impact process yield. Ensinger's product lines for semiconductor manufacturing are produced under special conditions and specifications, that are designed to minimise the risks of impurities or visual defects.

Securing reliable supply with global production and delivery capabilities

With production capabilities, warehouses, and customer support centers at 33 locations in Europe, Asia and the Americas, Ensinger has a world-class track record of security of supply for our customers worldwide. Integrating the entire fabrication process under one roof, from compounding, molding, and further processing, allows to minimize risks of supply bottlenecks and manage supply performance more effectively. Moreover, close partnership and supply assurances with premier raw material suppliers enable Ensinger to avoid delivery bottlenecks. Ensinger runs efficient stock management and global demand planning systems to ensure that we provide a high level of availability and delivery performance of semiconductor material in the industry.


Products from Ensinger for semiconductr industry

Ensinger offers a wide spectrum of engineering and high-performance plastic stock shapes for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing equipment parts. All semiconductor grade plastics are processed in compliance with copy exact requirements (also known as copy exactly or CE) and stringent contamination and quality controls, ensuring highest level of cleanliness and quality performance consistency. Moreover, special measures during production ensure low internal stress and enhanced dimensional stability during machining.  
With hundreds of different dimensions available in stock, Ensinger offers the best diversity for the semiconductor industries demand. In this way, machine shops can choose the closest size and save material waste and costs, thus enabling overall component cost reductions. Lot sizes range from just one single piece for prototyping projects to large industrial size lots. Warehouses all around the world are extensively stocking our semiconductor grade materials, ensuring that even large quantities are always delivered in the shortest possible time or 'just-in-time'.
Ensinger is developing and producing specialized compounds with focus on high performance and engineering thermoplastics. Our solutions for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing equipment include tribologically optimised materials (less wear, lower friction) and materials with defined electrical characteristics.  
Ensinger is producing filaments made from high performance plastics for 3D printing. There are stock materials available as well as the option to develop customised filaments for prototyping or complex parts used in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing.  

Finished parts from Ensinger for semiconductor

Ensinger manufactures complex parts and assemblies for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing equipment in our global network of machine shops in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Our capabilities include machining, milling, micro-drilling, bonding, finishing, annealing for low-tension machining, engraving, assembly, and further processing. Stringent copy exact management and traceability enable highest level of quality and performance consistency.
Ensinger manufactures precision parts and complete assemblies for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing equipment at our injection molding industries. Our capabilities include multi-component injection molding, insert/overmolding, assembly, tool making, automation, and further processing.  
Ensinger offers a 3D printing service for 3D printed parts made of high-performance plastics, which can be manufactured to individual customer specifications on request. 

Plastic profiles are already used in many applications in the semiconductor industry. And the market is growing: profiles made of plastic can score points thanks to advantageous mechanical, thermal and electrically insulating properties combined with low weight. At our headquarters in Nufringen, we manufacture high-precision plastic profiles to customer specifications and can take your requirements for geometry, dimensions and material into account individually. In addition to custom-fit extruded profiles, we also offer high-strength continuous fibre reinforced profiles, which we manufacture in-house using thermoplastic pultrusion.

We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice!

In addition to our comprehensive stock program, we also offer customized tubes, rods and hoses for solutions in the semiconductor industry. Here, we manufacture customized tubes specifically tailored to your application at our headquarters in Nufringen. Customized tubes are suitable in numerous applications for equipment for semiconductor manufacturing - we will be happy to advise you in detail.


Ensinger's semiconductor material solutions offer improvements, among others, in the following areas:
  • Many of the components in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing and testing equipment require thermally resistant materials. Components in elevated temperature environments must maintain high mechanical properties and dimensional stability, while keeping outgassing, leaching, and particle generation to a minimum level. Ensinger's high temperature resistant plastics can be used at service temperatures of up to 400 °C depending on the operating conditions. High performance plastics are increasingly replacing ceramics and quartz in high temperature applications due to lower risks of breakage, easier machinability, and better cost performance. Please contact us for material selection advice and further information about solutions for improving part lifetime and costs in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing tools and testing equipment. 

    Long-term heat resistance

    Short-term heat resistance

    PI 300 °C 400 °C 
    PEEK 260 °C  300 °C 
    PTFE 260 °C  260 °C 
    PPS 230 °C  260 °C 
    PEI 170 °C  200 °C 
    PVDF 150 °C  150°C 
  • Even the smallest trace amounts of foreign molecules, in particular metals, can cause severe process degradation and compromise yield. Especially in advanced processes with reduced nodes, using ultraclean materials for equipment components is key for minimizing airborne molecular contamination (AMC) and particle contamination from material outgassing, leaching, and particle shedding.  
    Ensinger's semiconductor material solutions are based on selected high purity polymers with a proven track record in critical semiconductor manufacturing equipment components with wafer contact. Moreover, the entire value chain from raw material inspection, compounding, molding, and further processing takes place under special conditions and specifications, that are designed to minimise the risks of impurities. Please contact us for material selection advice and further information about solutions for protecting semiconductor tool environments and processes from AMC and particle contamination.






    2011 4011 4111 CMP SX CMP PET CMP
    Aluminum (AI) 1 < 1 < 1 < 1 < 1 < 1 < 1
    Calcium (Ca) 1 < 1 < 1 < 10 < 10 < 4 n.t.
    Copper (Cu) < 0.1 < 0.1 < 0.1 < 1 < 1 < 1 n.t.
    Iron (Fe) 0.43 0.24 0.21 < 4 < 3 < 2 < 1
    Magnesium (Mg) < 2 < 2 < 2 < 6 < 1 < 1 < 1
    Sodium (Na) < 3 < 3 < 3 n.t. n.t. n.t. n.t.
    Potassium (K) n.t. n.t. n.t. < 1 < 1 < 1 < 1
    Zinc (Zn) < 0.3 < 0.3 < 0.3 < 1 < 1 < 1 n.t.

    Test in accordance with ICP-MS, concentration levels stated in ppm; (n.t.= not tested)

  • Various harsh chemicals are used to process and clean the wafers. Consequently, wet process tool components need to provide adequate chemical resistance to ensure part performance, maximize component life and minimize risks for contaminations. Erosion of the part surface can destroy its net shape and contaminate the substrate with particles. Moreover, chemical degradation compromises mechanical properties and can result in critical part failures.  
    Ensinger offers a wide range of plastics with high chemical resistance, suitable for almost all wafer processing environments. As a general guide, the following table provides an indication of resistance to common chemicals used in wet process tools, under room temperature and without mechanical load. Chemical resistance of plastic is highly dependent on the temperature and operating conditions. Please contact us for material selection advice and further information about chemical resistance and solutions for enhancing part lifetime in wet process tools.   

    Chemical resistance at room temperature



    Concn [%]









    Deionized water H2O - +  +
    Hydrofluoric HF  50  + (+) 
    Sulfuric acid H2SO4  95-97  + (+) 
    Hydrogen peroxide H2O2  30 (+)   + (+) 
    2-propanol (isopropanol, IPA) CH3CHOHCH3  100  +
    Acetone CH3COCH3 100 (+)  (+)  
    Ethanol (CH3)OCH3  95  +
    Hydrochloric acid HCI  37  +
    Ammonia solution NH3  25 (+)   
    Orthophosphoric acid H3PO4  85  +
    Nitric acid HNO3  69 (+)   
    Acetic acid CH3COOH 100 (+)  (+)   +

    Comment: + = good, (+) = limited; - = unstable

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) management is key for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing equipment as particle attraction from electric charges or integrated circuit destruction from discharges can critically affect yield. Ensinger's extensive portfolio of electrically modified plastics has a proven track record in highly ESD sensitive semiconductor and electronics manufacturing processes, such as in wafer mobility components, chip transportation trays, IC test sockets, and electronics fixtures. The ELS series offers conductive plastics with a surface resistivity of 102 – 104 Ω/sq, enabling the materials to quickly bleed away electric charge. The ESD series offers dissipative plastics with a surface resistivity of 106 – 109 Ω/sq, enabling a slower rate of decay of static charge in a controlled manner. The SD series offers anti-static plastics with a surface resistivity of 109 – 1012, providing the minimum current decay rate among the electrically modified plastics. In addition to the different conductivity levels, a broad range of polymers with different physical and thermal properties enable customers to find the best matching material to the applications needs. Please contact us for material selection advice and further information about our ESD management solutions. 
  • In semiconductor manufacturing processes such as vapor deposition, dry etching, or ion implantation, equipment components are exposed to highly aggressive and corrosive plasma under vacuum conditions. Some plasma processes operate with temperatures above 250 °C, requiring equipment components to provide high thermal stability. Ensinger's semiconductor grade polyimide TECASINT 4111 natural has been developed to offer superior plasma and temperature resistance compared to industry standard PI and other high performance plastics. Lower weight loss and etching speed at elevated temperatures enable longer part service life, resulting in reduced replacement shutdowns. Moreover, reduced material contamination enable significantly improved process yield. Please contact us for material selection advice and further information about material solutions for enhancing tool uptime and yield.
    Etching rate
    Weight loss
  • Many components in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing equipment require fine features with tight design and machining tolerances. Through optimization of the manufacturing process, Ensinger's semiconductor grade materials provide low internal stress levels, enabling superior dimensional stability during machining and in operation. Moreover, our semiconductor grade materials are based on selected polymers that provide high levels of dimensional stability in terms of thermal expansion, water absorption, and mechanical stability.  
    Some of the high end applications like IC test sockets and electronic inspection fixtures require machined parts with micro holes, in some cases smaller than 0,1 mm. As such applications require special material property profiles, Ensinger has developed a dedicated portfolio with enhanced micro machinability and dimensional stability. Please contact us for material selection advice and further information about material solutions for enhancing part accuracy and stability.
  • Many components in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing and testing equipment components are exposed to high sliding speeds and pressing forces. Choosing the right material is key in such applications as the material's wear performance directly impacts part lifetime, replacement cycles, and maintenance costs. Moreover, high abrasion and particle shedding can cause excessive wafer contamination and significantly decrease process yield. Ensinger's plastic solutions have a proven track record in components requiring high resistance to wear and tear while providing high levels of cleanliness. Please contact us for material selection advice, tribological data, and additional information about solutions for enhancing part lifetime.
    Oxid slurry
    Tested on our shapes products
  • For a company supplying globally to high-tech applications, only the highest level of product compliance is good enough. We continually invest in research and close cooperation with raw material supplier and test institutes to stay ahead of today's latest demands. Upon customer's request we can issue conformance declarations for a broad range of environmental standards, such as REACH, RoHS, and others. Please contact us for our latest product compliance information.

Application examples

Wafer Carrier injection molded from PEEK natural

  • Narrow tolerances
  • High ionic purity and low outgassing
  • High dimensional stability
  • High strength and stiffness
  • Good abrasion resistance

CMP Stop Edge Ring machined from TECAPEEK SX natural tube

  • High ionic purity
  • Copy exact compliant
  • High strength and stiffness
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High dimensional stability

Wafer Handling Vacuum Wand machined from TECAPEEK ELS nano

  • Consistent electrical conductivity, ESD protection
  • Good ionic purity
  • Copy exact compliant
  • Good impact resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance

Gas Feed Flange machined from TECAPEEK ELS CF30 black

  • Consistent electrical conductivity, ESD protection
  • High strength and stiffness
  • High creep resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Copy exact compliant

Batch Spray Chamber machined from TECAFLON PVDF natural

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Reduced material waste by machining from tube
  • Good ionic purity
  • Good dimensional stability, low water absorption
  • Good mechanical strength compared to other fluoropolymers

Single Wafer Cleaner Holding Part machined from TECAPEEK ELS nano black

  • Consistent electrical conductivity, ESD protection
  • High strength and ductility
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Dimensional stability during machining
  • Copy exact compliant

Case studies for semiconductor

Wafer Holder

made of TECAPEEK SX natural

Wet bench Wafer Holder

Wet process tools used in semiconductor manufacturing utilize numerous plastic parts, including the wet bench wafer holder, which must withstand harsh combinations of chemicals used to process and clean the wafers. As the wafer holder dips multiple wafers into several chemical processing baths, it must be fabricated from materials with high chemical resistance, as well as rigidity and dimensional stability. TECAPEEK SX natural is an excellent material choice that meets these requirements and also offers copy exact compliance for enhanced reliability.

Wafer Clamp Ring

made of TECATRON SX natural

Wet Process Wafer Clamp Ring

Wafer clamp rings are commonly used during the semiconductor fabrication process to support and accurately position the wafer. Clamp rings must provide high strength, dimensional stability, and wear resistance to maintain precise processing tolerances and ensure a high wafer yield. Ensinger offers a broad portfolio of material solutions for clamp rings, including the SX series, which features the industry's widest range of PEEK and PPS tube dimensions.