Glass filled polyamide

Polyamides or nylons are among the most important technical thermoplastics. Ensinger offers a wide range of glass filled polyamides to meet the specific needs of the different areas of application. 

The main characteristics of glass fibre reinforced polyamides are very high rigidity, high mechanical strength, a high degree of hardness and toughness, as well as high creep strength. They also have very high dimensional stability, good fatigue strength and high mechanical damping properties. All these properties make this material suitable for use in parts which are exposed to high static loads over long periods in high temperature conditions. As glass fibres tend, in some cases, to have a considerable abrasive effect on mating surfaces, these glass fibre reinforced materials are less suitable for sliding applications.


PA 66 reinforced with 30 % or 35 % glass fibres (PA66 GF30, PA66 GF35) offers better strength, stiffness, creep resistance and dimensional stability than unreinforced PA 66. Since the glass fibres provide better support for the nylon matrix at higher temperatures, better thermal stability is also achieved. 

Glass filled PA 66 compounds


Glass filled PA 66 plates, rods and tubes

TECAMID 66 GF30 black
TECAMID 66 GF35 black
TECAMID 66 GF35 natural

Glass filled polyamide 66 composites

TECATEC PA66 GF43 T280 CP/IP/OS V01 black

PA 66 GF50

Our semi-finished product TECAMID 66/X GF50 is a special material based on a partially crystalline polyamide with some aromatic components. In addition to the heat stabilisation, this material is also reinforced by a high proportion of 50 % glass fibres. Due to this modification, this glass filled polyamide can be used at high service temperatures of approx. 130 °C under high load. It has very high rigidity and strength, very low warpage, good dimensional stability, minimal moisture absorption and good chemical resistance.
TECAMID 66/X GF50 black


Glass filled nylon 6 is available at Ensinger with 25, 30, 35 or 45 % glass fibre reinforcement (PA6 GF25, PA5 GF30, PA6 GF35, PA6 GF45) to achieve better strength and stiffness as well as excellent toughness.

Glass filled nylon filament

TECAFIL PA6 GF30 black - 1,75 mm

Glass fibre reinforced PA6 plates, rods and sheets

TECAMID 6 GF30 black
TECAMID 6 GF25 black

Glass fibre reinforced PA6 composite

TECATEC PA6 GF45 T600 CP/IP/OS V01 natural
As a manufacturer and supplier of glass fibre reinforced polyamide, we also offer various further processing options such as injection molding or machining of glass filled nylon.