May 11, 2022 / Press Release

Two new Heads of Division at Ensinger

Sylvia Mücke is in charge of the “Special Products” division, Edith Schneider is heading up Machined Parts

The plastics processor is seeing some staffing changes at the second management level. It has succeeded in recruiting polymer physicist Dr. Sylvia Mücke to head up the new “Special Products” division, while in Machined Parts, the long-standing Head of Division Fred Nass is passing the baton to mechanical engineer Edith Schneider.

Following her physics degree at the University of Ulm, Dr. Sylvia Mücke completed a PhD at the Institute of Dynamic Materials Testing in Ulm on the subject of polymers and biopolymers. Subsequently, she was employed by Bayer AG, Leverkusen, where her roles included that of Head of the Business Development Department. After six years, she moved to the newly established company Lanxess Deutschland GmbH. At the corporate headquarters in Dormagen she built up the Technical Marketing department and organised the R&D division. Dr. Mücke then spent three years working as Technical Manager at KCH-Technologies in Siershahn until, in 2010, she was appointed Managing Director at alfa Development GmbH, a Warstein-based provider of services and polymer products for industry and the automotive sector. In April, she made the switch to Ensinger.

At the headquarters in Nufringen and at the Seewalchen site in Austria, the 54-year-old manager is responsible for Ensinger’s “Special Products”. This new division merges what was previously Compounds with the corporate group’s polyimide business (product groups TECAPOWDER and TECASINT).

Edith Schneider studied in Jena, Albstadt-Sigmaringen and Wales, concentrating on engineering management and mechanical engineering. Having obtained her Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering) qualification in 2012, she began her professional career with Bosch at the Blaichach site. After starting out as a production planner for injection-moulded components, two further professional positions followed. She then had the opportunity of acquiring extensive experience in the medical technology sector, in the company’s ceramic injection moulding division. In 2018, Edith Schneider joined the family business founded by her grandfather, Wilfried Ensinger. At the Cham site – the Ensinger Group’s biggest branch factory – she started off as a project manager in the Machined Parts division before taking over responsibility, within this division, for the MP Operations department (order processing, production and quality). On 1 April this year, the 35-year-old mother of two was appointed Head of the Division.

Her predecessor Fred Nass, who ran the Machined Parts division for more than three decades, is now responsible for projects at the division’s international sites, and will be retiring at the end of February 2023. Managing Director Dr. Roland Reber has paid tribute to the achievements of Fred Nass in an employee newsletter: “Under his leadership, Machining has grown from a small workshop into a division with around 150 employees. Our thanks go to Mr Nass for putting every effort into ensuring a smooth leadership transition. And we are delighted that he is still there to assist us for nearly another year.”

About Ensinger

The Ensinger Group is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of compounds, semi-finished materials, composites, technical parts and profiles made of engineering and high-performance plastics. To process the thermoplastic polymers, Ensinger uses a wide range of production techniques, such as extrusion, machining, injection moulding, casting, sintering and pressing. With a total of 2,600 employees at 33 locations, the family-owned enterprise is represented worldwide in all major industrial regions with manufacturing facilities or sales offices.

Dr. Sylvia Mücke is in charge of the new Special Products division at Ensinger.
Edith Schneider is the new head of the Machined Parts division.

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May 11, 2022: Two new Heads of Division at Ensinger

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