October 4, 2021 / Press Release

Ensinger now also manufactures organosheets

Double-belt press put into operation

Ensinger is expanding its portfolio in the field of thermoplastic composite materials. A double-belt press (DBP) was recently put into operation at its production site in Cham. The system enables a wide variety of fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites to be manufactured efficiently. This includes, for example, organosheets: multilayer, fully impregnated and consolidated fibre-reinforced composites.

In addition to its existing product range of high-temperature applications, Ensinger can use the new machine to manufacture large quantities of thermoplastic composites at lower temperatures. With an operating width of up to 1,800 mm, the double-belt press also processes unidirectional (UD) materials, UD cross ply materials, laminates and sandwich laminates with different core materials such as foam or honeycomb. This means that different combinations of textiles and polymer matrix materials can be achieved, including carbon, glass, aramid and natural fibres. Powder scattering and film impregnation are now possible as impregnation technologies. The tailored technical and economic solutions are ideal for customer products in the automotive sector and other industrial areas. Furthermore, Ensinger can also process contract manufacturing orders. 

With a polymer powder mill, a prepreg system and the new DBP installed in its subsidiary plant in Cham, Ensinger has invested in the expansion of production capacities several times this year. The product range encompasses polymer powder, continuous fibre-reinforced semipregs, prepregs and organosheets as well as compression-moulded composite plates and finished parts made from different combinations of materials.

“We are able to offer our customers a wide portfolio of composite products and relevant engineering services from a single source,” says Daniel Grauer, who is responsible for the department’s international business development at Ensinger. “Not least owing to our latest investment, the Ensinger Group is excellently positioned as a strategic player in the market for thermoplastic composite materials.” 

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The Ensinger Group’s new double-belt press at its subsidiary plant in Cham, Bavaria. (Photo: © Ensinger)
Thermoplastic organosheets from Ensinger. The multilayer, fully impregnated and consolidated fibre-reinforced composites are made from carbon or fibreglass fabric and various matrix materials. The organosheets consist of several layers of prepreg or semipreg material which are stacked according to the customer’s specification and then consolidated to form a blank with a thickness of up to 5 mm. (Photo: © Ensinger)

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