Safety through detectable plastics - TECACOMP® ID

Elimination of risks: There are many sectors in which minor errors in production are not a life-or-death issue. They can often result in nothing more than a blemish. When producing food or medicines, for instance, what may appear to be no more than a „detail“ can have wide-ranging repercussions.

Plastics with a safety package

With TECACOMP® ID, Ensinger offers its customers a safety package: Safety against residues, damaging loss of image, and incalcul­able follow-on costs.

These benefits add up to a major sales argument which can substantially strengthen your market position.

Instantly recognizable in metal detectors

TECACOMP® ID is picked up by metal and X-ray detectors. Using standardized pro­cedures, any material residues are reliably detected using standard commercially avail­able systems. With the support of our partner RONDOTEST, which has specialized in the manufacturer-impartial testing of foreign body detection in the food and pharmaceutical industry, TECACOMP® ID has been ideally adjusted in line with the functional character­istics of the most widely used metal detectors.
TECACOMP® ID is produced by adding detect­able fillers to the base polymer. These components ensure optimum presence recog­nition by detectors.

All popularly used plastics such as PP, PA66, POM or PEEK can be equipped with detectable fillers. Due to the low degree of filling, these TECACOMP® ID materials largely correspond to the profile of the base polymers used. Depending on the requirements imposed on the end product, specific compound compositions are also possible. TECACOMP® ID naturally fulfils all the requirements for food contact (in conformity with the FDA requirements, Dir­ective 2000/72/EC and Regulation (EU) no. 10/2011).