Safety through detectable plastics - TECACOMP ID

Elimination of risks: There are many sectors in which minor errors in production are not a life-or-death issue. They can often result in nothing more than a blemish. When producing food or medicines, for instance, what may appear to be no more than a „detail“ can have wide-ranging repercussions.

Plastics with a safety package

With TECACOMP ID, Ensinger offers its customers a safety package: Safety against residues, damaging loss of image, and incalcul­able follow-on costs.

These benefits add up to a major sales argument which can substantially strengthen your market position.

Instantly recognizable in metal detectors

TECACOMP ID is picked up by metal and X-ray detectors. Using standardized pro­cedures, any material residues are reliably detected using standard commercially avail­able systems. With the support of our partner RONDOTEST, which has specialized in the manufacturer-impartial testing of foreign body detection in the food and pharmaceutical industry, TECACOMP ID has been ideally adjusted in line with the functional character­istics of the most widely used metal detectors.
TECACOMP ID is produced by adding detect­able fillers to the base polymer. These components ensure optimum presence recog­nition by detectors.

All popularly used plastics such as PP, PA66, POM or PEEK can be equipped with detectable fillers. Due to the low degree of filling, these TECACOMP ID materials largely correspond to the profile of the base polymers used. Depending on the requirements imposed on the end product, specific compound compositions are also possible. TECACOMP ID naturally fulfils all the requirements for food contact (in conformity with the FDA requirements, Dir­ective 2000/72/EC and Regulation (EU) no. 10/2011).


Additional security for you and your customers.

  • Wide range of base polymers (PP, PA66, POM or PEEK)
  • Wide Range of fillers
  • Individual colour settings possible
  • Reliable detectability
  • Toughness modification for lower susceptibility to break


Compounds: Business Case – TECACOMP POM ID

The new TECACOMP POM ID 1055303 is suitable for the food industriy where safety, tribology and mechanics are important issues.