PA - Cast Nylon 

TECAST Ensinger Plastics

Cast nylon polyamides, commonly called nylon type 6, or PA6 C are manufactured by Ensinger in standard stock shapes and cast in the form of sheet, rod and tube. Cast nylon polyamides are highly molecular, highly crystalline polymers. Semi finished nylon type 6 shapes are manufactured using a casting method, whereby the raw material caprolactam polymerises by means of a controlled chemical reaction. 

By using additives such as oil, solid lubricants or thermal stabilisers, the typical characteristics of type 6 nylon can be selectively adjusted for certain applications, opening up a custom tailored range of materials to cover a wide application spectrum. Cast Nylon demonstrates even higher crystallinity and better machinability than extruded nylon.

CAST NYLON material properties and specifications

Cast nylon offers: 

  • Very low levels of internal stress
  • High degree of crystallinity
  • Toughness at high levels of hardness
  • Very good wear resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good damping properties
  • Easy processing
  • Ability to be manufactured in wide ranging casting weights and dimensions


Manufactured CAST NYLON Materials

PA6 C material modifications are manufactured by Ensinger under the tradename TECAST. The Ensinger TECAST family offer the following cast polyamides:

Ensinger supplies cast Nylon shapes such as:

  • PA6 C rods
  • PA6 C sheet
  • PA6 C tubes

Typical CAST NYLON applications

    • Heavy duty: cushion pads, damping plates, dozer pads, pulleys and rollers
    • Mechanical engineering: sliding elements, spindle nut and chain conveyor
    • Winter technology: chain supporter and wheel guidings