Tubes of all sizes made from high-temperature plastics

Thanks to many years of experience and immense production expertise, Ensinger is capable of producing tubes ranging from minimum diameters of 2 or 3 mm up to maximum diameters of 110 mm. Any graduation of wall thickness is possible, from 0.3 up to 20 mm. Lengths up to 12 m are feasible. Here, too, extremely narrow tolerances can be implemented in agreement with the customer. 

Benefits such as low tooling costs, small batch sizes and varying lengths offer even greater flexibility and lower-cost solutions. To meet customer requirements, pipe extrusion can be performed by inline or offline processes such as printing and knurling, winding or cutting to size, thermoforming and welding, annealing and conditioning.


application examples

Shaft Insulator made of TECAPEEK MT blue

  • Dielelectric strength
  • USP class VI material
  • Up to 1000 cycles in steam sterilisation at 2.5 bar

Thermoformable tube made of TECAPEEK MT natural

Tube made from TECAPEEK black