March 1, 2024 / Press Release

insulbar® UK Celebrates 20 Years of Membership with the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB)

Ensinger insulbar® UK, a leading player in the market of insulating Polyamide Profiles for the thermal separation of Aluminium Doors, Windows and Façades, proudly marks two decades of collaboration with the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB). Since joining in 2004, Ensinger has been an integral part of the CAB community, contributing to the growth and advancement of the architectural aluminum sector.

CAB, the largest UK Aluminium in building trade association, boasts over 140 members across the supply chain, working towards encouraging the extensive use of Aluminium products in architecture and construction. The association provides invaluable technical information, guidance on building regulations, performance standards, and best practices, while actively engaging in numerous sustainability initiatives both in the UK and internationally.

Over the past two decades, insulbar® UK has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the CAB community and the broader industry. In 2023, the company made significant investments in its UK division, showcasing dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

One notable aspect of insulbar’s investment is the establishment of internal and external technical sales departments, including customer services based in the UK. This strategic move positions insulbar® UK as the sole polyamide product provider in the market with such a comprehensive UK-based support structure.

Recognising the importance of efficient logistics and responsive service, insulbar® has expanded its capacity space in the UK. This expansion allows a greater storage of polyamide products in the country, aligning closely with Insulbar® partners to ensure swift and reliable delivery dates directly from stock. This initiative is a testament to Ensinger's commitment to providing a seamless customer experience.

This investment goes beyond infrastructure and logistics. The company now offers on-site technical assistance and advice, ensuring that customers receive hands-on support for their projects. Additionally, the establishment of an Aftersales/Customer Services team in the UK underscores Ensinger's dedication to fostering lasting relationships and delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction.

As insulbar® UK celebrates its 20th year with CAB, the company remains at the forefront of innovation, dedicated to providing high-quality products and services that contribute to the continued growth and success of the architectural industry.

Ensinger insulbar® UK proudly marks two decades of collaboration with the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB).

About insulbar

Ensinger GmbH is among the world's leading developers and producers of insulating profiles for window, door and facade construction. The profiles marketed under the brand name insulbar® create a thermal separation between the inside and outside shells of metal frames. Insulation systems using insulbar profiles achieve optimum values in terms of energy savings and cutting the cost of heating and cooling. At the same time, insulbar profiles comply with the most stringent quality standards in every respect. They have been in successful operation around the world for over 30 years.

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insulbar UK Celebrates 20 Years CAB Membership