Insulation for electrical connectors

Throughout the oil and gas production industry, the transportation of electricity is a key factor. This electricity is transmitted using a network of electrical connectors. These electrical connectors are subjected to the aggressive operating environment as well as potentially high pressures and temperatures. 

Plastics surpass traditional materials

The insulation for these connectors has, in the past, been made of ceramics or even glass.  Such materials suffer from being very brittle, making these components fragile as well as being difficult and expensive to manufacture.  In addition to this, the extremely high temperatures and high pressures of the operating environment that the electrical connectors are subjected to can compromise the transportation of electrical power and transmission of data, which may result in increased downtime and maintenance.

Excellent thermal and electrical polymers  

Ensinger TECAPEEK (PEEK) is now regularly utilised in this application area and used to replace previously-used materials due to its excellent thermal and electrical properties. TECAPEEK has excellent chemical resistance to withstand the harsh environment that electrical connectors operate in, as well as excellent electrical properties. TECAPEI (PEI) is also used because it has excellent insulation properties, high dielectric strength, and high surface and volume resistivity. Furthermore, TECAFLON PVDF (PVDF) is another alternative due to its high resistivity, high dielectric strength, and very good chemical resistance. Therefore, electrical connectors made of Ensinger plastics benefit from easy manufacturing and consistent electrical properties, while also having the capacity to operate at the required temperatures and pressures.

Recommended materials for electrical connectors

High-performance thermoplastics such as Ensinger's TECAPEEK, TECAPEI and TECAFLON PVDF are superior as replacements for ceramic and glass, due to their improved toughness and reliability in downhole electrical connector applications. These materials offer a better solution due to the critical nature of data and electrical power transmission. Furthermore, Ensinger materials have the ability to operate at high temperatures, while also being resistant to harsh fluids such as hydraulic oil and seawater.

TECAPEEK natural

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) - TECAPEEK natural is a high performance, high temperature, semi-crystalline thermoplastic manufactured by Ensinger...

TECAPEI natural

TECAPEI natural (PEI) has high mechanical strength and rigidity, very good hydrolysis resistance, dimensional stability and a relatively high long-term service temperature...


This unreinforced material is Ensinger's basic type of PVDF offering. It combines high density, high strength, and high chemical resistance, with very low moisture absorption...