Thermoplastic machining for medical devices

Materials dedicated to the medical field

Ensinger Machined Parts offers a wide range of medical products for the machining of engineering plastic parts, providing customers with an unrestricted choice of solutions well suited to their applications.

Ensinger regularly tests its range of medical plastics (semi-finished MT products) for biocompatibility.

A specialised location with ISO 13485 certification

Ensinger has a production and machining facility that specialises in the medical sector, equipped with cleanrooms and state-of-the-art machines. We have extensive experience in the medical sector which we have developed in partnership with major players such as Invibio or Carmat. 

Our collaboration with Carmat

The Carmat artificial heart is a medical device designed to provide a permanent solution for patients suffering from end-stage heart failure without the possibility of alternative treatment due to the shortage of human organs in good condition. The Carmat company has placed its trust in the Ensinger Group for the production and machining of implantable plastic parts, test parts and the tools used during the operation. This project was created more than 10 years ago and continues to provide innovation in the medical sector.

Further processing in cleanroom


  • Preliminary cleaning in the disinfector
  • Cleanroom


  • Component testing under cleanroom conditions

Further processing

  • Assembly work
  • Gluing work


  • Packaging under cleanroom conditions

Case Studies

Manifold Block

made of TECADUR MT TR natural

Manifold Block in bioprocessing

In the manufacture of chemical fluid handling equipment, it is often necessary to machine parts that act as junctions between components in the fluid handling system in order to regulate fluid flow. Ideally they are transparent in order to verify fluid flow. They must have excellent chemical resistance, so as to not modify or introduce any leachable compound or chemical into the fluids they are handling.

Knee trial implants

made of TECASON P MT

Test Implants for Knee Joint Prostheses

Manufacturers of knee endoprostheses are now in a global market for sales and customers. Apart from the actual implant, tools and instruments are of increasing importance. These facilitate handling during the operation, enhance patient safety and may even reduce the follow-up expenses for reprocessing. These instruments include test implants, which sometimes serve to differentiate products from the competitors. 

Sterilisation trays

made of TECAPRO MT

Surgical caddies

Trays and caddies for transporting and storing surgical instruments, as well as those for screws and other implants are subject to stringent requirements such as easy transport through the sterile supply cycle and long product service life. On the basis of these requirements, the materials TECAPRO MT (PP) and TECASON P MT (PPSU) are an optimum solution.

Application EXAMPLEs

Dental healing cap

Machined from TECAPEEK CLASSIX™ white

  • Temporary implant, which can have blood and tissue contact of up to 30 days
  • Outstanding sterilisation resistance
  • Very good chemical resistance

Target arm

Machined from TECATEC PEEK CW50 black (PEEK composite)

  • Target arm (internal fixation system), traumatology
  • Net shape design
  • Best mechanical strength 
  • High thermal dimensional stability

Capillary carousel for PCR-Analysis

  • Low thermal expansion at fast temperature changes
  • Good chemical resistance to disinfectants and detergents
  • High precision machining
  • Intensive pigmentation (deep black) allows very accurate measurement results