Custom-made Profiles

At Ensinger, we produce custom-made profiles using the extrusion process, co-extrusion process or thermoplastic pultrusion process. With over 50 years of experience in the production, development and processing of high-performance thermoplastics, we offer custom plastic profiles of the highest quality.


Our offer of industrial profiles includes:

  • Comprehensive advice on and handling of materials, development and further processing
  • A wide variety of high-performance thermoplastic materials
  • In-house production of customised materials, e. g. reinforced with carbon, glass or aramid fibres
  • A wide range of geometries and wall thicknesses
  • Customised profiles according to customer-specific drawings and specifications
  • The coverage of the entire value chain in-house

In-house production of industrial profiles

Custom-made materials developed and processed in-house

In addition to processing basic polymers, we develop and produce customised materials, e. g. reinforced with carbon, glass or aramid fibres. With our in-house compounding, we can offer materials that are precisely tailored to your specific application.

Selection of manufacturing methods according to your application

Our high-qualified experts provide you with comprehensive advice and support your project at every stage of development. We apply and develop processing methods such as extrusion, coextrusion an thermoplastic pultrusion and support your project from prototype development all the way to series production.

Industrial profiles tailored precisely to your needs

We offer a wide variety of geometries and wall thicknesses.
Solid profiles, hollow chamber profiles and much more.
Thin-walled profiles with wall thicknesses of 0,4 to 0,5 mm.

Further processing in-house

Depending on customer requirements, we can also further process profiles using inline or offline processes

  • Knurling, Bending, Cutting to Size
  • Printing
  • Heat forming
  • Welding
  • Tempering and Conditioning

Extrusion profiles and thermoplastic pultrusion

Extrusion and Coextrusion

Our portfolio of extruded profiles includes:

  • A wide range of different geometries and materials, also material combinations,
  • Custom extruded profiles,
  • Incorporating reinforcing materials such as metals,
  • Combinations of hard and soft elements.

Thermoplastic Pultrusion

Using various thermoplastic pultrusion processes, we produce glass or carbon fibre reinforced profiles with thermoplastic matrices and develop suitable solutions for numerous applications and industries.

  • Melt pultrusion
  • Hybrid Yarn pultrusion
  • PA6 Cast pultrusion
  • High-volume short-fibre Extrusion

Application examples

Slide rail for food technology

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Wear resistant to abrasive bulk materials

Chain pins for conveyor belts in food technology

TECAMID 66 natural, TECADUR PBT natural, TECAFORM AH natural

  • Exact roundness
  • Low squeal in service
  • Wear resistance

Lens cover for cabin illumination made of TECANAT PC

  • Ultrasonic weldable
  • Good transparency
  • Flame retardant and low smoke density
  • Release for cabin interior