Composite materials

Ensinger, a global leader in high performance and engineering thermoplastic materials for over 50 years, offers lightweight thermoplastic composite materials to international markets. 

Supplied from a wide range of stock standards and customisable fibre reinforced thermoplastic matrix combinations, Ensinger’s continuous fibre composite materials product portfolio includes fabric based semipregs, prepregs, organosheets and compression moulded composite plates.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities, our highly qualified team of specialists provide exceptional customer service and technical support.




Composite material properties and specifications

Ensinger’s thermoplastic composite materials can be produced in many material combinations and used to manufacture parts with the highest stiffness-to-weight and strength-to weight ratio. Continuous fibre reinforcement offers high stiffness and strength while keeping the weight extremely low. The thermoplastic matrix offers many advantages over common thermoset (epoxy) matrices, amongst them high impact resistance, high chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, a wider selection of materials tailor-made to your application, and more.