Modified PPS for the semiconductor industry

This modified Polyphenylensulfide, or PPS plastic, is a high performance plastic which has been especially developed for applications in the semiconductor industry. Particularly the combination of excellent wear and sliding properties makes this PPS material suitable for CMP (Chemical Mechanical Planarization) applications. Furthermore, this PPS polymer combines excellent mechanical properties with a very high heat and chemical resistance to an optimized Semicon plastic. Due to its high degree of ionic cleanliness TECATRON SX natural PPS is the material of choice for applications in the semiconductor industries, for example when processing wafers.


Chemical designation
PPS (Polyphenylensulfide)
# beige
1,36 g/cm3

Main Features

  • good heat deflection temperature
  • good chemical resistance
  • resistance against high energy radiation
  • high strength
  • high dimensional stability
  • high stiffness
  • high creep resistance

Target industries

semiconductor technology

Technical details

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