Organosheet composite material

TECATEC OS composites

Thermoplastic organosheets are fully impregnated and consolidated multi-layer prepreg sheets made from carbon or glass fibre fabrics and a broad variety of thermoplastic materials as matrix materials. Organosheets consist of several layers of prepreg or semipreg material which are stacked to the customer’s specification and then consolidated to form a blank with a thickness up to 5 mm.

All of our prepreg and semipreg materials can be made into organosheets. Matrices range from engineering polymers such as polycarbonate and polyamides to high-performance plastics like PEI, PEEK and PEKK. Ensinger offers a portfolio of standard materials in stock as well as the possibility to develop tailor-made prepregs.

Thanks to Ensinger’s in-house compounding, we can additionally offer special blends and compounds for our semipreg materials. Custom matrix and fibre combinations, fibre architectures or matrix materials can be offered upon request.

Our organosheets can be used for thermoformed parts or for easily manufacturing thicker parts. We supply to all industries, be it industrial, sports equipment, automotive or oil & gas. Contact us for special requirements such as aerospace or medical applications.

Organsheets can be supplied on bobbins or as plates.

Organosheet composite portfolio

The following organosheet composite materials are stock materials manufactured by Ensinger under the designation TECATEC OS:

  • TECATEC PEEK MT CF50 OS natural
  • TECATEC PEEK CF50 OS natural
  • TECATEC PC CF50 OS natural
  • TECATEC PPS GF50 OS natural
  • TECATEC PA66 GF43 OS black

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