TECASINT 1021 black

polyimide with 15 % graphite

TECASINT 1021 black has been developed from the base polymer TECASINT 1011 natural. Unlike TECASINT 1011, however, it contains 15% graphite. The material has improved friction and wear properties for tribological applications. TECASINT 1021 is suitable for both lubricated and dry applications since it is self lubricating.


Chemical designation
PI (Polyimide)
# black
1,42 g/cm3

Main Features

  • very good thermal stability
  • very good slide and wear properties
  • good wear resistance
  • good chemical resistance
  • high thermal and mechanical capacity
  • resistance against high energy radiation
  • high creep resistance
  • sensitive to hydrolysis in higher thermal range

Target industries

mechanical engineering
aircraft and aerospace technology
precision engineering
automotive industry
hot glass technology
cryogenic engineering
conveyor technology

Technical details

Stock program