POM-C black

In addition to TECAFORM AH natural (POM-C), which is white in colour, a black acetal version is also available; TECAFORM AH black. ​POM-C black is a copolymer acetal material manufactured by Ensinger under the tradename TECAFORM AH black in standard stock shapes for machining, and is extruded in sheet, rod and tube​​. This POM black material exhibits good chemical resistance, high strength, rigidity and hardness as well good sliding and wear properties. Additionally this black acetal can be suitable for direct contact with food and has improved UV protection for outdoor use.



Chemical designation
POM-C (Polyacetal (Copolymer))
# black# blue# white
1,41 g/cm3

Main Features

  • high toughness
  • high strength
  • high stiffness
  • good slide and wear properties
  • good chemical resistance
  • difficult to bond
  • good machinability

Target industries

mechanical engineering
oil and gas industry
automotive industry
food technology
aircraft and aerospace technology

Technical details

Stock program