HYDEX® 202

rigid polyurethane

Hydex 202 is a totally rigid polyurethane product that exhibits a broad range of chemical resistance, as well as superior impact and excellent mechanical properties. It can be used for any mechanical application that requires a combination of toughness, dimensional stability and chemical resistance. It has an ability to withstand chemical attack in a PH range from 2 to 14.


Chemical designation
PU (Polyurethane)
1,2 g/cm3

Main Features

  • high dimensional stability
  • broad chemical compatibility
  • good impact strength
  • good mechanical properties
  • easy to machine

Target industries

Technical details

  • Mechanical properties
    Mechanical propertiesValueUnitConditionTest Method
    Tensile strength at break8000psi@ 73 °FASTM D 638
    Tensile strength at yield9000psi@ 73 °FASTM D 638
    Elongation at break80%@ 73 °FASTM D 638
    Modulus of elasticity
    (tensile test)
    240,000psi@ 73 °FASTM D 638
    Modulus of elasticity
    (flexural test)
    260,000psi@ 73 °FASTM D 790
    Flexural strength12,000psi@ 73 °FASTM D 790
    Coefficient of friction0.26-Static (vs. steel)ASTM D 3702
    Coefficient of friction0.22-Dynamic (vs. steel)ASTM D 3702
    Impact strength (Izod)10ftlbsin@ 73 °FASTM D 256
    Compression strength1,200psi@ 73 °F, 1% strainASTM D 695
    Compression strength12,000psi@ 73 °F, 10% strainASTM D 695
    Compression modulus180,000psi@ 73 °FASTM D 695
    Rockwell hardness88-M ScaleASTM D 785
  • Thermal properties
    Thermal propertiesValueUnitConditionTest Method
    Service temperature280F-
    Deflection temperature290F@ 66 psiASTM D 648
    Deflection temperature280F@264 psiASTM D 648
    Vicat softening point292FASTM D 1525
    Thermal expansion (CLTE)3.7*10-5ininFASTM D 696
  • Other properties
    Other propertiesValueUnitConditionTest Method
    Moisture absorption0.12%@ 24 hrs, 73 °FASTM D 570

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