Safe operation with TECAFORM AD greaser plugs

Engineering and high performance plastics used in aerospace engineering are required to comply with extremely stringent requirements for every component used. A greaser plug for the landing gear requires a material which is dimensionally stable, grease-resistant and possesses good all-round environmental performance. At the same time, a material which meets the performance requirements, but with a lower weight than the aluminum previously used, is desired.

High performance yet lower weight

Aircraft landing gear supports the entire weight of an aircraft during landing and ground operations. They are attached to primary structural members of the aircraft. Most landing gears have wheels to facilitate operation to and from hard surfaces, such as airport runways. Regardless of the type of landing gear utilised, shock-absorbing equipment, brakes, retraction mechanisms, controls, warning devices and structural members necessary to attach the gear to the aircraft, are considered parts of the landing gear system.


All of the articulating struts and rods in the landing gear require lubrication to ensure safe operation. Grease is retained in each of these joints by the greaser plug. Grease is regularly applied during ground maintenance via the grease nipples located on the end of each plug.


POM-H is a homopolymer acetal that is manufactured by Ensinger under the tradename TECAFORM AD natural. This homopolymer acetal has exceptional sliding characteristics and good wear resistance properties.

Overall - cost effective

TECAFORM AD (POM-H) from Ensinger was chosen for the greaser plug due to the dimensional stability of the material, the grease-resistance and the fact that the material is not affected by corrosion in its operating environment. It is also significant that the material type and sizes are readily available from stock, permitting a very short lead time from order to material received. The overall result is a very cost-effective solution.


The articulating struts and rods in the landing gear operate safely with greaser plugs made of TECAFORM AD. The grease is retained in the joints, thus ensuring the possibility for regular and correct application of grease during ground maintenance.