PP - Polypropylene 

TECAFINE / TECAPRO Ensinger Plastics

PP material, (chemically known as Polypropylene) is a semi crystalline thermoplastic manufactured by the catalytic polymerization of propene. Polypropylene belongs to the group of polyolefins. Polypropylenes (PP) are universal standard plastics with well balanced properties, providing excellent chemical resistance, high purity, low water absorption and good electrical insulating properties. In addition, PP material is light weight and weldable. Ensinger's unique processing technology provides unsurpassed quality in PP plastic stock shapes.

PP material properties and specifications

PP material offers:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low density <1g>
  • High purity
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • High thermal expansion
  • No stress crack formation
  • Low toughness in minus temperature range, sensitive to impact

Manufactured PP Materials

PP plastic modifications are manufactured by Ensinger under the tradename TECAFINE PP and for medical grade TECAPRO. The Ensinger TECAFINE and TECAPRO family offer the following Polypropylene modifications:

  • TECAFINE PP – unreinforced standard Polypropylene
  • TECAPRO MT – Medical grade Polypropylene

Polypropylene plastic shapes are supplied by Ensinger in standard stock shapes for machining such as:

  • PP rod
  • PP sheet
  • PP tube


TECAPRO MT is a homopolymer polypropylene based material that has been specially prepared to offer stability in high heat environments.

Typical PP applications

General: lager-size chemistry devices, sewage plants, transport boxes for food and fittings

Medical industry: trays, simple handles and body contact plates for mammography