Polyetherketone (PEK)

Polyetherketone (PEK) is a high temperature semi crystalline thermoplastic that is a member of the polyaryletherketone (PAEK) family. It differs chemically by the respective number of cohesive ether and ketone groups that are present in the material's molecular structure. PEK is manufactured by Ensinger under the trade name TECAPEEK HT black, using VICTREX HT™ PEK polymer. PEK polymers offer higher wear resistance, as well as improved compressive strength at higher temperatures. A higher heat deflection temperature than standard PEEK allows for the mechanical properties and physical characteristics of TECAPEEK HT to be maintained at temperatures that are up to 30°C higher than standard PEEK.


Chemical designation
PEK (Polyetherketone)
# black
1,31 g/cm3

Main Features

  • good wear resistance
  • high thermal and mechanical capacity
  • good chemical resistance
  • inherent flame retardant
  • very good slide and wear properties
  • electrically insulating
  • high creep resistance
  • resistance against high energy radiation

Target industries

mechanical engineering
conveyor technology
automotive industry
chemical plant engineering

Technical details

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