Electrically conductive PEEK with carbon fibre reinforcement

PEEK ELS CF 30 is a 30% conductive carbon fibre filled PEEK material, produced and marketed by Ensinger under the brand name TECAPEEK ELS CF 30 black. This electrically conductive plastic provides a very high stiffness and creep resistance through the conductive carbon fibres. Conventional carbon fibres do not have a defined conductivity, therefore, this special carbon reinforced PEEK ELS was developed as a solution for electronic applications. This material can also be used in ESD applications which require a good electrical conductivity. TECAPEEK ELS CF30 black has enhanced mechanical properties in comparison to TECAPEEK ELS nano black, which is also an electrically conductive PEEK black. Furthermore, carbon fiber modified materials are less abrasive than glass fibre modified materials, while also having enhanced wearing and friction properties.


Chemical designation
PEEK (Polyetheretherketone)
# black
1,38 g/cm3

Main Features

  • good heat deflection temperature
  • good chemical resistance
  • inherent flame retardant
  • hydrolysis and superheated steam resistant
  • very high stiffness
  • very high creep resistant
  • high dimensional stability
  • resistance against high energy radiation

Target industries

conveyor technology
semiconductor technology
mechanical engineering
aircraft and aerospace technology
chemical technology
textile industry
automotive industry
vacuum technology

Technical details

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