PES - Polyethersulfone

TECASON E Ensinger Plastics

PES material (chemically known as Polyethersulfone) is supplied by Ensinger in standard stock shapes for machining and is extruded in sheet and rod. The chemical abbreviation for Polyethersulfone has long been PES. However, current standards such as EN ISO 1043:2011 have started to refer to Polyethersulfones as PESU in order to make it more identifiable as a member of the sulfone family. Due to the fact that PESU is not commonly used yet, we still refer to it in the following as PES. The high performance physical property profile of polyethersulfone shapes makes them an excellent material choice regardless of which nomenclature is used.

PES plastic is a high temperature engineering thermoplastic with outstanding tolerance to temperatures for long periods. PES polymer offers high mechanical strength and rigidity, coupled with relatively low notch sensitivity. In addition, polyethersulfone offers good chemical compatibility and hydrolysis resistance. Due to its amorphous molecular structure, PES polymer is translucent and has a yellowish brown transparent appearance. Polyethersulfone is an ideal choice for use in applications with tight tolerances and little dimensional change within a wide temperature range.

PES material properties and specifications

PES plastics offer:

  • Good electrical insulating properties
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Translucency
  • Good hydrolysis-resistance

Manufactured PES Materials

PES material modifications are manufactured by Ensinger under the tradename TECASON E. The Ensinger TECASON E family offer the following Polyethersulfones modifications:
  • TECASON E natural - unreinforced standard Polyethersulfone
  • TECASON E GF30 - 30 % glass filled Polyethersulfone
Ensinger is a supplier of Polyethersulfone shapes such as:
  • PES rod
  • PES sheet

Typical PES applications

  • Electrical insulation parts such as connectors
  • Control panel for dialysis system
  • Valve piston
  • Pump housing
  • Membrane for water filtration
  • Safety face shields