PPSU biocompatível preto opaco aos raios X

TECASON P MT XRO black is a specifically developed, x-ray detectable biocompatible PPSU plastic (Polyphenylsulfone). With this product line, we meet the challenging demands of minimally invasive and image-controlled surgery. A contrast agent added to the standard product line of medical PPSU material enables x-ray opaque properties and permits clear visibility of components under fluoroscopy and x-ray radiation. It allows the surgeon a precise pic­ture of their medical devices or of orthopaedic trial implants during image-controlled procedures. PPSU medical grade plastic has improved performance in terms of temperature, impact strength, chemical resistance, and shows exceptional resistance to repeated steam autoclaving without loss of dimensional stability, or physical properties. TECASON P MT XRO has been tested in line with the requirements of ISO 10993 for medical products coming into contact with bodily fluids, bone substance or dentin for up to 24 hours. This product line is available in various colours.



Designação química
PPSU (Poli-fenil-sulfona)
1,34 g/cm3

Principais características

  • opaco aos raios X
  • alta capacidade térmica e mecânica
  • resistente a hidrólise e vapor superaquecido
  • boa resistência ao impacto
  • elevada rigidez
  • alta resistência mecânica
  • boa resistência química
  • resistente a radiação gama

Indústrias alvo

tecnologia médica

Detalhes técnicos

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