July 10, 2017 / Press Release

“Aluminum systems more energy efficient than wood”

Ensinger celebrates insulbar insulating profiles with a major order from Western Windows Systems for North America

Ensinger equips the Series 7000 from Western Window Systems with insulbar. Using this superior thermal barrier technology, the major US system manufacturer has developed twelve new product lines. The slim, aluminum-framed moving glass walls, doors and windows are designed for use throughout North America and achieve lowest U-values.
Ensinger Inc. has many reasons to celebrate this year: 40 years ago, the German engineer Wilfried Ensinger entered series production with the world's first insulating profile for metal window construction. For ten years, the production of the insulation bar has also been running in full swing in Grenloch, New Jersey, USA. And the demand for thermally optimized products is growing, as a new major order shows.
Western Window Systems’ new family of thermally broken aluminum products greatly simplifies how architects can select doors and windows. As matched design elements, they promote open floor plans and bring indoor and outdoor spaces together like never before. At the same time, they meet the highest energy and stability requirements in every regional climate zone.

Energetic efficiency 

The state-of-the-art moving glass walls, doors and windows offer superior energy efficiency with U-value ratings as low as .19 BTU/(h·ft²·°F) (or 1.08 W/m2K when utilizing triple pane glass). Specifically designed for the Northwest, Northeast, and Southeast regions of the US, they withstand high wind loads featuring design pressure (DP) ratings above 50 and are certified as hurricane impact resistant, 
 “The wood industry has tried to address the demand for this type of architecture with products branded as ‘contemporary’ – but customers aren’t buying it”, says Scott Gates, President and CEO of Western Window Systems, “Architects want the look, functionality, and strength of aluminum, and have often sacrificed energy ratings to get it. Our new aluminum product family will be more energy efficient than wood.”

Thermal barrier

The key to successful design, manufacture, and roll out of the entire Series 7000 with twelve product lines is a signature aluminum extrusion design that utilizes proprietary insulbar® thermal barrier technology from Ensinger. It allows to handle strength and performance needs of each new products’ glazing profile relative to the geographical region and climate zone where it will be utilized.
“At the core of insulbar technology are high performance engineered plastics used to manufacture the different thermal barrier profiles required by each Series 7000 product”, explains Bruce Tichenor, Vice President and General Manager of Ensinger Building Products, The Americas. “These profiles increase the insulation value, maintain desired room temperature, and minimize the energy loss over the entire lifespan of the moving glass walls, windows, and doors”.
The new products to be rolled out in 2017 will feature Western Window Systems’ signature thin profiles and large expanses of glass. Thus, architects can easily fit them into contemporary and modern residential designs. Each product will easily integrate with the others to form a unified look and feel throughout an entire house. This allows architects to take advantage of completely customizable options.
For more information, go to the website:
www.insulbar.de and www.westernwindowsystems.com

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Founded in Phoenix in 1959, Western Window Systems designs and manufacturers door and window systems that bring indoor and outdoor spaces together. Inspired by modern living, the company’s high-quality products are available in custom sizes, standardized sets and massive dimensions for unlimited design possibilities in residential, prefab, retail, commercial and educational building projects. From superior craftsmanship and timeless design to exceptional customer service, Western Window Systems is a preferred choice of architects, builders, and homeowners throughout North America.

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About insulbar

Ensinger GmbH is among the world's leading developers and producers of insulating profiles for window, door and facade construction. The profiles marketed under the brand name insulbar® create a thermal separation between the inside and outside shells of metal frames. Insulation systems using insulbar profiles achieve optimum values in terms of energy savings and cutting the cost of heating and cooling. At the same time, insulbar profiles comply with the most stringent quality standards in every respect. They have been in successful operation around the world for over 30 years. For more information, go to www.insulbar.de/en

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The Ensinger group is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of compounds, semi-finished materials, profiles and technical parts made of engineering and high performance plastics through extrusion, machining and injection moulding. With a total of 2,300 employees at 32 locations, the family-owned enterprise is represented worldwide in all major industrial regions with manufacturing facilities or sales offices.

Photo 1 and 2: Series 7000 is the new performance line from Western Window Systems. The moving glass walls, doors and windows are equipped with insulbar thermal insulating profiles. This enables the aluminum systems to support a contemporary design while meeting the highest demands regarding energy efficiency and structural stability. Source: Western Windows Systems.
Photo 3 and 4: insulbar provides thermal separation in metal frames of windows, doors and facades and increases the energy efficiency of buildings. The profile made of high-performance plastic was recently awarded the Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificate for its sustainability. Source: Ensinger

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