TECAMID 66 GF15 FR black

Flame retardant pa 66 glass filled for aircraft

TECAMID 66 GF15 FR black is a specially formulated glass filled 66 nylon plastic designed for use in aircraft design when additional stiffness and strength might be required in a given aircraft aerospace material application. This PA66 plastic has been tested to and passed the requirements for FAR 25.853 for aircraft interior materials, and could be considered as a more cost effective option than some other higher performance materials such as PEEK or PPS. The fiber reinforced material's favorable flame and smoke generation characteristics demonstrated in independent flammability tests make it suitable for structural support applications in aircraft interior spaces.



Chemical designation
PA 66 (Polyamide 66)
1,3 g/cm3

Main Features

  • resistant to many oils, greases and fuels
  • high strength

Target industries

Technical details

  • Mechanical properties
    Mechanical propertiesValueUnitConditionTest Method
    Rockwell hardness85-M scaleASTM D 785
    Rockwell hardness118-R Scale-
    Tensile strength at yield6,890psi@ 73 °FASTM D 638
    Elongation at break (tensile test)5.8%@ 73 °FASTM D 638
    Modulus of elasticity
    (tensile test)
    465,000psi@ 73 °FASTM D 638
    Flexural strength17,200psi@ 73 °FASTM D 790
    Modulus of elasticity
    (flexural test)
    722,000psi@ 73 °FASTM D 790
    Impact strength (Izod)0.70ftlbsin@ 73 °FASTM D 256
    Compression strength3,900/21,500psi1% / 10% strainASTM D 695
    Compression modulus386,000psiASTM D 695
  • Thermal properties
    Thermal propertiesValueUnitConditionTest Method
    Melting temperature487F-
    Service temperature230FLong Term-
    Service temperature338FIntermittent-
  • Other properties
    Other propertiesValueUnitConditionTest Method
    Flammabilitypass-60 seconds Vertical Bunsen Burner testAITM 2.0002A
    Flammabilitypass-15 seconds HorizontalBunsen Burner testAITM 2.0003
    Flammabilitypass-Specific Optical Smoke DensityAITM 2.0007B
    Flammabilitypass-60 seconds Vertical Bunsen Burner test 25.853 (a) Amdt 25-116 App F Part 1(a)(1)(i)FAR 25.853
    Flammabilitypass-Gas Toxicity, as Per Airbus directive ABD0031AITM 3.0005

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