April 23, 2021 / Press Release

In-house polymer powder production

Composites division broadens its product portfolio

Plastics processor Ensinger is expanding its manufacturing capacities for composites. Thanks to a polymer pulverizer machine that was recently commissioned at the Cham site, the global division is now extending its vertical range of manufacture. The range of thermoplastic polymers that can be pulverized on the new machine comprises engineering plastics such as PP, PA6 and PC, but also high-performance plastics such as PPS, PEI and PEEK. The tightly toleranced pulverized polymer materials fulfill the tough requirements and high demands of advanced thermoplastic composites.

With these new manufacturing capabilities, the Ensinger Group can provide its customers with additional cost and competitive advantages. The Composites division is now a “one stop shop” for a wide range of products and services relating to thermoplastic composite materials. The portfolio includes powders, semi-pregs, pre-pregs, organo-sheets, compression-molded composite plates and finished parts, as well as customer development projects which are achieved using diverse material combinations.

The new polymer pulverizer machine, compliant to the ATEX safety directive, also enables Ensinger to offer a polymer pulverizing service to industry, enabling customers to outsource their polymer pulverizing requirements in a cost-effective solution. “Purchasing the new machine is a logical step that makes Ensinger a complete solution provider in the area of thermoplastic composites”, says Daniel Grauer, who is responsible for international business development in the Composites division. “By extending the value added chain we are strengthening our position versus our competitors and can fulfill our customers’ requirements, both technical and commercial”, the Ensinger Manager adds.

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The Ensinger Group’s new polymer pulveriser machine at its subsidiary plant in Cham, Bavaria (Photo: © Ensinger) 

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