Electrically insulating plastics

With excellent electrical properties ranging from fully insulating to electrically conductive, plastics are an essential material in the electrical and electronics industries.

Unmodified plastics have inherent electrical insulating properties. These electrically insulating plastics have a high resistance or are completely resistant to the flow of electrical current. They are typically used in a variety of applications in order to prevent electrical conductivity which could potentially cause damage to persons or property. Electrical insulating plastics are widely used in applications such as switches, light fittings, electric wiring and circuit boards.

Ensinger has an extensive range of plastics with good electrically insulating properties and our technical service is readily on hand to provide support on material choice.

To determine a plastic's insulating capacity, the comparative tracking index (CTI) is frequently used. This provides a statement on the electrical insulation resistance of the surface of insulating plastics.

Recommended electrically insulating plastics are: